03/03/2015 - 7:00 pm
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Zac Locke presents and signs Beverlywood: Sex, Murder, Existentialism (a Tuesday in Los Angeles): A Novella

Beverlywood: Sex, Murder, Existentialism (a Tuesday in Los Angeles) is a page-turning narrative about a regular guy who dates the wrong girl, and, after a struggle leaves her step-father dead, is forced to seek salvation while coming to terms with his painful past. The fast-paced novella is set in Los Angeles and explores the lives of three different twenty-somethings coping with life, love, and loss amidst the backdrop of the sometimes cruel, sometimes magical city. (Createspace)

ISBN: 9781494480516
Price: $5.95

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BESTSELLERS: February 16-22



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6. Funny Girl (Nick Hornby)

7. First Bad Man (Miranda July)

8. Revenant (Michael Punke)

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