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Jeanie the Three-Legged Dog: I Don't Need Four Feet! Cover Image
ISBN: 9780996631600
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Jeanie 3 Legs, LLC - August 1st, 2017

Whether she's playing in the park, riding in her stroller or being nice to cats, Jeanie can do most things like dogs with four legs. Enjoy the colorful photos of this courageous little dog and her powerful message of acceptance. Who needs four feet when you've got a big heart?

The Last Audition (A Memoir) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781945756139
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Jonathan Donahue - August 1st, 2017

A middle-aged psychotherapist scraps his dreary life and heads to Hollywood. Choosing the road less traveled makes all the difference in fucking up his life, forcing him to sort out his priorities again. Despite celebrity sightings, this is no Hollywood tell-all, but a sincere attempt at that most romantic of all existences: the artist’s life!

Grand Central Escalator Cover Image
ISBN: 9781364099558
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Amy Lyne - November 30th, 0002

Coney Island Cover Image
ISBN: 9781364099619
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Amy Lyne - August 1st, 2017

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons, and Other Tales of Suburbia Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998321219
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Soul Arch Press LLC - August 1st, 2017

Surfing with Snakes & Dragons, a literary novel that captures the essence of the life in sunny southern California - from the 'burbs, to the sea, to the Central Valley, to the flat, High Desert on a moonless eve under a billion stars...that’s California: a land of contrasts.

My Baby Brother Comes Home Cover Image
ISBN: 9781631774096
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Mascot Books - September 5th, 2017

It's a BIG day in Thomas' life. His mom and his new baby brother come home from the hospital today. Thomas can't wait to meet Theo and see Ella.

Loves Me Not, Loves Me Cover Image
ISBN: 9781546997559
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - July 11th, 2017

Loves Me Not, Loves Me is split in half between the realities of heartbreak and falling in love with someone who reciprocates each desire of your heart and turns it into a garden of roses. This collection reveals the interdependence of love and loss. Love is the mother of all things. She is the hand that lifts you up from the immense sorrow exposed by heartaches arrival. This pain enables you to grow as your escape mechanisms have already left you empty handed. It is pain that brings the truth of the feeling, the reality that we are human beings who are destined to face the honesty of loss and the chaos of love. Both are unconfined in their power, yet we must decide when our sacrifice has run dry, in order to return to a love that will give us an eternal bloom. 'loves me not, loves me' is insight for the immensely consuming coexistence of pain and pleasure, reminding us of this blessing in disguise, the ability to embrace our emotions and live authentically.

Camellia in Snow Cover Image
ISBN: 9781515347149
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - August 3rd, 2015

Rose Bruno Bailey, born on the Winter Solstice, blossomed into a poet deeply rooted in nature and the human experience. Camellia in Snow, the first anthology of her work, contains poems that reflect her love of nature, alongside intriguing poems with suggestions of mysticism, or a longing for transcendence. Rose also displays occasional flashes of a darker side to her sunny disposition, letting us explore with her the areas that poets sometimes shun, yet which grant all of us admittance to a shared humanity - scared, regretful, emotionally fragile. Rose uses her life experience to share, as only poets can, the deeply personal in a way that makes it truly universal and accessible to us all, crafted with beautiful, emotive, accessible language, and profound, stunning realism.

Incredible Shrinking Jojo Cover Image
ISBN: 9781545061978
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - April 9th, 2017

When the curious child goes to visit his dear friend Jojo the Elephant at the zoo, he finds that Jojo has curiously shrunk to a tiny size! The curious child learns that, as Jojo encountered other zoo animals, he compared himself to them. Because he did not feel good about himself, Jojo shrank with every encounter. In the end, Jojo learns to celebrate being his unique self, and returns to his right size.

June Bug Versus Hurricane: Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692874332
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Rabbit House Press - June 20th, 2017

"Through the growing and nurturing years there is no influence as important as the coaching a youngster receives. Those he selects as his heroes mold his character and create the fiber of the individual." So preached Dan Chandler the son of Happy Chandler, beloved two-time Kentucky governor and baseball commissioner, and the wildly eccentric father of Erin and Chan. Dan uprooted his kids from their southern aristocratic roots and the political world of the Governors mansion and deposited them into the gaudy yet glamorous life of 1970's Las Vegas, where debauchery and brutishness was respected and everyone practiced the Golden Rule.... "The guy with the gold makes the rule." After years of living a roller coaster life on his coattails, becoming adults proved to be their biggest challenge. Chan took the cowboy approach to life, on the road from one end of the country to the other, packing guns, breaking hearts and staying one step ahead of the law... usually. Erin followed the Vegas showgirls of her youth and found Hollywood. The brother and sister struggle to create balance. Author and playwright, Erin Chandler is candid in the telling of her life long difficulties with her loving, although overwhelming, alcoholic father, her heartbreaking challenges with her charming but dangerously self destructive brother, and her own relentless demons. Dark yet uplifting, filled with humor and insight, June Bug Versus Hurricane will leave audiences as haunted as its characters.

The Wisdom of Stones Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998146713
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Golden Rule Omnimedia - May 17th, 2017

Ben, a college senior, promised God and his men maw that he'd be a Southern Baptist preacher, but he can't pray away the gay. Until stories, which he learns from his Grandpa Charlie about an interracial relationship Charlie had in the 1930s, teach Ben he has to live life by his own rules.

The Wisdom of Stones is about living your truth and not allowing another person to rule you.

Set in Upstate South Carolina in the early 1990s, The Wisdom of Stones intertwines the stories of Ben Stark and his grandfather, Charlie Phelps. Ben's father deserted him and his mother died right before Ben's 7th birthday, so Ben was raised by his Grandpa and Mee Maw.

The story opens with the funeral of Ben's mother. At the cemetery, on a cold January day, Ben finds an arrowhead in the upturned dirt beside her gravesite. He gives it to Grandpa who tells him a funny story about a baseball play.

Isabel and Siofra: The Heist of 2098 Cover Image
ISBN: 9780999032404
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Galactic Bookforge - July 4th, 2017

A time-traveling, science-fiction adventure filled with mystery, danger, and an abundance of sarcasm, Isabel and Siofra: The Heist of 2098 is the first journey in an epic series. Join Isabel and Siofra, two best friends, as they accidentally fling themselves backwards in time and try desperately to get home at any cost.

7,300 Days Cover Image
By Isabella Mente, Chase Wolcott (Illustrator), Sarah Hesky (Illustrator)
ISBN: 9781537112701
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - September 29th, 2016

"The pages of this book hold my thoughts. they hold my pain. my tears. my joy. these pages hold me. i hope you find yourself in here. and you are inspired to write your story, too. i wrote this book for the love of creation. i wrote this book to connect with you."--Author's website.

Liberate Yourself: Your Past Is Not Your Prison: The Key to Finding Happiness, Light and Success Cover Image
ISBN: 9780999213902
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Salud Con Luz - August 9th, 2017

This book is intended to broaden the reader's understanding of how to restore or maintain good health and well being through the "Plan Pluz," a physical, spiritual, and emotional guide that includes nutrition for both the body and soul in a practical way to build a healthy and successful life. No matter how difficult the residual effects of the past, this life and healing manual will help readers to enrich their lives, to get to know each other better, and to find an emotional and physical balance to achieve happiness and integral health.

Tritania's Reign: Part One Cover Image
ISBN: 9781973726982
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Jennifer Popovec - November 30th, 0002

"Tritania's Reign is a fresh perspective of Odin and the Norse gods as they battle for reign over Earth."

In Part One of this new mythology, the Great Rulers of the Universe had urgently destroyed planet Earth and created a new one in its place. Centuries into its evolution, the planet mysteriously stops thriving: the dark forces from the previous world-now annihilated-had crept back in, threatening havoc on a cataclysmic scale.

With part two already in the works, this teaser leads you right into a fast-paced action-adventure that explores realms from Nordic myth, time-travel, gods and goddesses, and questionable life on Test Subject: Earth.

Where the Dogs Go Cover Image
ISBN: 9781457553226
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Dog Ear Publishing - August 2nd, 2017

What happens when our beautiful fur friends leave this world and move to the next? Where the Dogs Go brings a new take on this age-old question.   Explore how our animals bond with us while on earth and delight in their adventures in the next realm. Woof!

Mommy Says I'm Beautiful Cover Image
ISBN: 9781974401819
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Lisa Britton - November 30th, 0002

As adults, we understand that what we see on our smartphones is a facade. Those photos are retouched, that fashion spread is edited, and reality TV does not necessarily portray reality. Unfortunately, many young females joining the online community don't understand this truth. They begin to base their own self-worth by what appears in their news feeds. Parents worry about what their daughters will experience once they start seeing unrealistic images online, in print, and on TV. The pressure to be perfect, thin, and beautiful may be too much for their young and sensitive souls to bear.
Mommy Says I'm Beautiful is an educational children's book that teaches young girls (ages 5+) that the digital world they are about to enter doesn’t always depict reality. The book comes in 4 different versions so all girls will find one that they can relate to.
Children begin absorbing information at a very young age. What they are taught, what they see and what they hear become embedded in their developing minds and affect how they think in their teens and even into adulthood. Teaching them to love themselves and enlightening them to the truth about social media and cyberspace are essential during this pivotal time.
No one is perfect and they are beautiful just the way they are!

Gangster Doodles: Illustrated Images of Rappers & Pop Culture Icons Cover Image
ISBN: 9780995228214
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Gangster Doodles Inc. - November 30th, 0002

Balloons to Heaven Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998383903
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Shay Gipson - November 30th, 0002

This book is about family, loss and hope.  "Every time we see balloons in the sky. We always know our loved ones are with us.  We will continue to send balloons to our loved ones forever.

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Mime Lung Music Festival Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998813028
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Bookbaby - July 20th, 2017

This mime has a lot to say... Jeffrey A. Brick sets out on an adventure to transform not only his life, but also the lives of those around him. With a career in healthcare, and the Marketplace soon to open, Jeffrey decides it's now or never. A strange dream about a talented and bookish musician draws him into a creative infatuation. His fascination catapults past desire, giving Jeffrey the muse he's always needed for the mime within. These moments in time through the heart of the 2010’s lead to a fictional future where his wildest dream has come true, but there’s a ghost in the post-modernist-machine. Half memoir, half sci-fi epic, Mime Lung Music Festival is a reality-bending voyage and a must for fans of cinema, electronica, sci-fi, and anyone who has hoped for love.

Jeffrey A Brick is an artist, writer, thinker, and certified project manager. As a video performance artist, he has performed live in front of crowds of thousands. Jeffrey is also a member of SAG-AFTRA. He has over 10 years of experience working on healthcare projects with some of the most influential companies in America. He has brought change to medical practices in more than 15 states. He is the author of the soon-to-be released, part-fact/part-fiction book called Mime Lung Music Festival. Jeffrey inspired the creation of a character in the daily newspaper comic strip Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller. He graduated from Oberlin College in Ohio and has taken classes at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting Los Angeles. He enjoys hot yoga, bicycling, and dancing.

Little Rosa Cover Image
By MR E.
ISBN: 9780578180472
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Perky Penguin Press - May 27th, 2017

When Little Rosa gets on the bus each morning she discovers it's filled with wild animals who send her to the back just because she doesn't look or act like them!  Will she find the strength and courage to stand up to these creatures before she confronts the king of all beasts?  Only time will tell. 

Little Rosa is a gentle introduction to concepts of discrimination, oppression, and equal rights written by Mr.E.


The Neon Palm of Madame Melancon Cover Image
ISBN: 9780972658836
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Middle Finger Press - August 13th, 2017

From the author of LORD VISHNU'S LOVE HANDLES comes a mind-bending mystery set in the city of New Orleans. 

Corporate attorney, Duke Melançon, wrestles with twin emergencies that threaten his future. His employer, Mandala Worldwide, has unleashed a deepwater spill that could destroy the Gulf of Mexico. Meanwhile, his crime boss mother, Madame Melançon, has disappeared into the syrupy night. These two seemingly unrelated events are somehow quantumly entangled. Moreover, Duke discovers just how entangled they truly are when he comes face-to-face with what his pet-psychic sister calls, "a tear in the brocade of time."

The Northeast Quarter Cover Image
ISBN: 9781627873765
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Wheatmark - November 15th, 2016


The year is 1918. The place is Winfield, Iowa. Colonel

Wallace Carson, the ruler of a vast agricultural empire,

asks Ann Hardy, his ten-year-old granddaughter and

eventual heir, to promise she will safeguard The

Northeast Quarter, the choice piece of land from which

the empire was founded. Ann readily accepts -- little

knowing what awaits her. When the Colonel is killed

unexpectedly the same afternoon, the world around Ann

and her family begins to fall apart. Against the

background of America sliding from a post war boom into

the Great Depression, "The Northeast Quarter" tells the

story of Ann's struggle to keep a promise no matter what.

She witnesses the remarriage of her grandmother to

Royce Chamberlin, the seemingly humble banker who

institutes a reign of terror over the household and

proceeds to corrupt the entire town. Over the next ten

years Ann matches wits with Chamberlin, enduring

betrayal, banishment, and even physical violence. She

grows from a precocious child into a tough-minded young

woman -- watching, observing her enemy, and waiting for

the moment to make her move. And when the moment

comes in July 1929, life in Winfield will never be the same.

An inherently riveting read from cover to cover, "The

Northeast Quarter" clearly demonstrates author S. M.

Harris as a truly gifted storyteller, and his many layered,

deftly crafted novel is certain to be a highly popular

addition to personal reading lists and community library

General Fiction collections.


My Hotel Room Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692751497
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: AiDi Productions, LLC - November 30th, 0002

This first monograph by fashion photographer Aladdin Ishmael is an exquisite collection of 31 photographic stories of the world's most beautiful models, in luxurious hotel suites around the world. 'My Hotel Room' documents what it is like to embrace inhibitions and the comforts of luxury, captured in stunning imagery from around the globe.

Everything You've Ever Done Cover Image
ISBN: 9781946109927
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Ambos Books - November 30th, 0002

Everything You’ve Ever Done is the rollicking true story of Amelia and Dave: two center-of-every-party types who lived hard and full, blasted through a life stranger than fiction, and discovered powerful cosmic truths! Funny and profound. Mesmerizing and beautiful. Amelia and Dave's story will inspire you! This is a book you won't want to put down.

Trains of Thought: Welcome Aboard! Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998235806
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Sinden Collier - November 30th, 0002

The collaboration of writer Rhett Collier and photographer Sinden Collier has produced a conceptual museum quality book of original thoughts and images, aptly entitled: "TRAINS OF THOUGHT - WELCOME ABOARD!" The thoughts are visceral and stimulating, touching upon wisdom, reality, imagination and inspiring reflections. The images are ethereal, evoking mood and atmosphere in a painterly photographic style, each resonant to the thought with which it is paired. This pairing provides a central underscoring of the messages.

Claretta Street Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692601129
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Brown Bear Books - November 30th, 0002

Claretta Street the first novel by Colette Barris is the story of Pacoima, a bustling little town in the sixties located in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Claretta Street follows the lives of four young African American girls known as the Babies, growing up in the vortex of the turbulent change of the sixties becoming young adults in the decadent and destructive eighties. Today countless discussions on the peril of Black America proliferates the media, academia and social scientists in real time; propelling this continuous Greek tragedy into the main frame of America and the world. However, the incendiary foundation and epoch of this unfolding disaster must be told and the veil of destruction exposed-the eighties. Claretta Street by Colette Barris takes the reader on a ride of unbelievable clarity and cause, as Denise in ancient griot form becomes the voice of the diaspora both prophetic and naive. Stripping down in plain view the causes and emotions of a time of great hope and sadness to preserve through decadence and decline. Claretta Street is the story of hope and change coupled with the unfortunate forces and juxtaposition of man s inhumanity and struggle all the while seeking hope and love. Pacoima provides the foundation for Colette Barris s remarkable journey to author, she is a graduate of the University of Southern California.

A Lover in the Land of Hell: A Collection of Spiritually Enlightening Poetry for Personal and Planetary Transformation and Growth Cover Image
ISBN: 9781947519237
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Self Saviorz Society - November 30th, 0002

Now more than ever people are seeking out new and unique ways to heal themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. A Lover in the Land of Hell is quite unique in that it is not a typical poetry book, but rather a self-help book in poetic form. Hypnotic, rhythmic, therapeutic verses gently guide the reader, consciously and subconsciously, towards creating positive changes in all aspects of their life. A better understanding of oneself and the world we live in is achieved. A lover in the Land of Hell is the evolution of self-help books!

A Breathed Yes Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692796795
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: The March Press - November 30th, 0002

 A Breathed Yes is a compilation of poetry by Marsie Scharlatt and art by her sister, the iconic feminist artist Hannah Wilke (1940-1993.) In the 1970s, Wilke suggested that they collaborate, and now, in 2017, Scharlatt has finally realized this memorable book.


                           The poet Marsie Scharlatt honors her calling with a lyric delicacy. Along with her sister’s probing, mercurial art, A Breathed Yes is a treasure trove by two American masters.—Aram Saroyan, author of Complete Minimal Poems

                            A Breathed Yes is one of the most moving books I’ve read,  a breath not only of “quiet fire” but of strength and prayer, truth and beauty.--Gail Wronsky, author of So Quick Bright Things