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Piazza Carousel: A Florence Love Story Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692919255
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Dakota Inc. - August 25th, 2017

Piazza Carousel is a novel by Jule Selbo. The story revolves around Lyn Bennett; she has arrived in historic Florence, Italy to discover details of her mother's past as one of the city's beloved Mud Angels - a group of volunteers who helped save Florence's art during the 1966 flood. When she is shocked by a betrayal of those closest to her, Lyn takes a hard look at her expectations of love and fidelity - and how she has made decisions in her life. New friend Matteo, a curator in the restoration office of the Uffizi Museum, becomes a conduit to uncovering secrets of her mother's past and the city of Florence, with its pride, strength, and beauty, inspire her to open her heart again.

The Oasis of Insanity Cover Image
ISBN: 9780998996806
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Published: Beverly Hills Playhouse - July 1st, 2017

Milton Katselas was one of LA’s most renowned acting teachers. In this book, Allen Barton, today an established teacher and playwright, writes of coming to age under Katselas at the famed Beverly Hills Playhouse, and offers his own take on the study and pursuit of acting in the 21st century.

I, Lincoln, Did Not Ask For This Cover Image
ISBN: 9780999682500
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Published: Blue House Press - December 16th, 2017

Lincoln enjoyed a sweet four-legged life as an only child, until his Moms brought home a baby HOOMAN brother. Read about his frustrations with gaining a brother, how siblings can be fun (sometimes), and the shenanigans they partake in.

Star Bright Cover Image
ISBN: 9781441538673
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Danielle Svihovec - January 1st, 2009

Star Bright is a story about a bright and happy star who holds the secret to life and happiness. She befriends a dark and gloomy star and teaches him that what you give out, you get back (and more). Together they learn how to help others. The story illustrates how one good deed can multiply into many, helping more than one ever thought possible.

Fever and Guts: A Symphony Cover Image
ISBN: 9781936205851
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Stephen F. Austin University Press - December 26th, 2012

Jerry D. Mathes' Fever and Guts is hard-hitting literary nonfiction. Reminiscent of the exacting sharpness found in Hemingway's bullfighting stories and as deeply reflective as Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried, Mathes takes his readers to the fringes of American society, a subculture where war stories are handed down from fathers to sons and then are lived by those sons; where fathers brace against the weather of daughters' illnesses; where language and speech is music, poetry, and violence. Mathes journeys us to the mountains of Idaho, the deserts of the Southwest and of Desert Storm, the icy plains of Antarctica, and into the dark, gloomy backrooms of bars and hotels. Amidst storms and forests ablaze, he makes us feel the thunder's rumble, the smoke settled in our lungs. Although Mathes puts us into proximity of things most of us have been lucky to escape, he makes such existences seem amazingly and beautifully normal, makes it seem as if we have missed out. In this manner, Mathes turns his personal histories into works of mad, provocative art, so skillfully and innovatively turned that the reader will not let the stories go and, in the aftermath of reading, not turn them loose from memory. This is nonfiction of the best sort, real and ballsy as a life lived real and with bravado.

The Wire Recorder Cover Image
ISBN: 9780997310702
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Thomas A. Levitt - September 28th, 2017

Sophie Hearn grows up hearing about the House Un-American Activities Committee's 1951 campaign to root out Communists in the film industry. Her father's impassioned testimony in defense of the First Amendment-and his refusal to answer questions about his political associations-leave him blacklisted for years, destroying his promising screenwriting career and putting his family on the edge of financial ruin. Unsurprisingly, his daughter becomes politically aware at an early age. The shadow of the blacklist follows Sophie to college and then into adulthood, affecting her politics, her career ambitions and her relationships. But it's not until she reunites with Steve Elwood, a long-lost childhood friend, that she's forced to face the full impact of her family's past. A powerful story about coming of age in California in the mid-twentieth century, The Wire Recorder explores how political paranoia, when allowed to spiral out of control, can leave a toxic residue that lasts for generations.

Bits Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781632260161
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Prospecta Press - February 24th, 2015

Anne Frank wrote her diary. A yawn. Alex Haley wrote about his roots. A snooze. The Bible. What a bore But what do all these have in common? That's obvious. They re not funny and the people they wrote about aren t current. Where's Bieber? Jolie? Beyonce? That's who people want to read about and laugh about. Celebrities And not written by the celebrities themselves. What do they know? If they were smart, they wouldn t have become celebrities in the first place. Who really knows their stories?

It's the writer The guy who was there in the trenches, the guy who made them famous in the first place. Actors and actresses didn t write their lines. It was the writer

Who knew these stars before they became egomaniacs? Before they even knew the difference between Calistoga or Evian? The difference between dark chocolate or milk? Who told them what to say and how to say it? Writers, writers, writers

Kenny Solms has seen them all. He wrote and schmoozed with the best of them. Co-creating The Carol Burnett Show in the late 60s, he's written for practically all of them. (However, he has yet to meet Leonardo DiCaprio). Solms wrote their movies, their TV shows.even their spontaneous quotes. From the greats like Jack Benny and George Burns to Willard Scott and downwards. But then back up again. And that's quite a leap.

He's the one whose bits Lucille Ball uttered. He got Bill Cosby his laughs. Sure, he made millions doing it and garnered a few Emmys as well, but is he cocky? Not remotely. In this Hollywood tell-all book, he documents his rise from the Emmy award-winning Carol Burnett Show to his doldrums writing for Hugh Hefner's Roller Disco-Rama Plus a Preview of the Playmate of the 80s. From the booms to the boobs. From the genius of Michael Jackson to the hilarity of Joan Rivers, Solms seems to know everybody. Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr., Neil Diamond. He's written for them all. Even the Muppet, Miss Piggy, who he claims was a bitch.

Bits is not a vicious tell-all, but tell all, Kenny does. A funny romp that takes you from Philadelphia to Hollywood. A cruise behind the Hollywood scenes, down the freeways, up the canyons and then some. From variety shows to sitcoms, from big star specials to Broadway, he shares his roller coaster ride from writing tacky one-liners to creating TV classics. And what a ride Jump in the passenger seat and share it with him.

Son of Influence Cover Image
ISBN: 9780999113301
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Jeffrey Park Press - February 8th, 2018

A larger-than-life father with underworld ties. An obedient son. Law school may test the limits of his loyalty...

Delton Lowe never wanted to step foot inside a courtroom, much less try a case. But none of that mattered after his kingpin father decided the family business needed a new attorney. And unlike Delton, Larry Lowe always gets what he wants...

Delton's courses and callous professors are nearly too much for him to bear. But with a scheming, pill-popping fellow student and a gorgeous publicist by his side, Delton wonders if he could find a way to love being a lawyer. When he witnesses a dirty deal and traces the corruption back to his father, his morals once again throw a wrench into his career path...

Son of Influence is a coming-of-age tale with a heartfelt view on finding one's path in life. Can Delton step outside his father's shadow and become his own man?

Start reading this witty legal novel and find out

Black Box: Decoding the Art of Work of Martin Gantman Cover Image
ISBN: 9780975985717
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Martin Gantman - January 16th, 2018

In her foreword to the book, Black Box: Decoding the Art Work of Martin Gantman, the noted art historian and artist, Dr. Lise Patt, writes the following:

Martin Gantman grew his artistic bones during the last throes of modernism, when art’s autonomy had already been undermined and all that remained of this enduring style were the simple, clean lines of formalism. He cut his intellectual teeth on conceptualism, a short-lived art movement with long-ranging impact on art’s raison d’être; and developed his
visual muscle in the warren of ‘posts-’ that were coined during the 1980s to lessen history’s stranglehold on art’s discourses, institutions, and practices. Yet, by the time Gantman hit his stride as a visual artist he had already severed many of the ties that tethered him to these varied movements. If, in 1913, Duchamp drew a line in modernism’s sandbox, then by
the 1990s Martin Gantman had crossed that line to become a contemporary artist, a practitioner who disavows history and any long-standing art historical style with work that analyses the status of art and the state of the world as they both exist in the here and now.

This book describes the theoretical bases, process, and development of the artist, Martin Gantman, through an almost 40-year span of art production. It details the evolution of his practice through 10 individual books, each based on a theoretical or practical interest that compelled him during his years of production.

The Honorable Culbert Levy Olson: California Governor 1939 to 1943, Humanitarian, Ex-Mormon and Atheist Cover Image
ISBN: 9781546351658
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - October 18th, 2017

The "Honorable Culbert Levy Olson" tells the story of California's DemocraticGovernor during America's Great Depressison. His New Deal for California was a true progressive agenda planned to pull California out of the deepest depresssion America had ever seen. His agenda was only sidelined by World War II and the preparations for War. His ideas are pertinent again today as our Great Recession wears on. Income inequality is as high today as it was it the 1930's. Today it takes two to three low wage jobs and both spouses working to even stay afloat despite the supposed low unemployment rate. It would behoove us to understand Governor Olson's philosophy "Social problems are created by economic maladjustments, poverty in the midst of plenty...continued concentration of wealth and control of the national economy in the hands of a small percentage of the population opposing every effort of government to interpose controls for the economic stabilization and for the general welfare."
Culbert Olson was a seeker of truth. He believed there was no value, no God, higher than truth. He left Mormonism at a young age and became a secular person. In 1899, While in law school in Washington D.C., he heard about Robert Ingersoll and after hearing the speeches of the "Great Agnostic" he became a true "free thinker". In his speeches and in his actions he invited people to reflect on the nature of life by using pragmatism, reality, and evidence. He did not believe in a supernatural God. Culbert repeatedly said, "We should be concerned about the brotherhood of man not the fatherhood of God." He was a true humanitarian and believed that you could be more concerned about the welfare and happiness of all people if you drop the bigotry and blind faith associated with all religions.

Cradlers Cove Cover Image
ISBN: 9781985733305
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - March 6th, 2018

Half way through her twenties and still living in her hometown, Blake Whittemore decides it's time to start living the life she has always imagined. Taking a live-in counselor job at an at-risk youth camp on the beautifully remote island of Samoa, seems to be exactly that. Swept away by the tropical island life, her co-worker Theo, and numerous unexplainable events, Blake winds up finding a secret she never knew she was looking for. Not every island is Paradise...

The Lay of Lala Land Cover Image
ISBN: 9781520397788
Availability: Special Order - Please Call the Store to Verify
Published: A. Y. Miles - January 16th, 2017

After being caught peeping in on his nubile young step-mom with his makeshift peeping contraption, 12 year-old Lenny Dushoff's abusive, gluttonous father sends him off to a mental hospital for a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation. In a year's time from the peeping incident, Lenny will suffer a great loss, one that will riddle him with guilt throughout his adolescence. Seven years later, Lenny, now quiet, insecure and sexually inexperienced, escaped the trauma of his upbringing to the campus of a major university, where as a sophomore psychology major he finally finds the love that he’s dreamed of since boyhood. But as boy meets girl, Lenny discovers Jane’s “dirty” secret, one that could destroy her entire life. In a dramatic, darkly comic, but often absurdist coming of age tale about college sexual mayhem, Lenny uncovers the childhood roots of Jane’s human condition, and in the process, comes to a deeper understanding of his own.

Relationship Compatibility Checklist Cover Image
ISBN: 9781976119934
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - September 15th, 2017

This book about life and relationships is based on my 47 years of research in the personal development field, plus lessons learned in my 50-year marriage to Bryna, often my active business partner. Bryna passed three weeks after our 50th anniversary following a courageous battle with ALS, with me as her 24-7 caregiver.

For you romantics, we met on a Friday at a singles dance at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, got engaged 3-days later on Valentine’s Day, and married 3-weeks later in Vegas.

Specifically, this checklist is structured around hundreds of stimulating, thought-provoking questions covering 21-categories of life, all designed to help you do four things:

  1. Interview and profile yourself. Know yourself before deciding if you're compatible with someone else. 
  2. Rethink past relationships. Avoid ever again having to say, “If only I knew then what I know now.”
  3. Evaluate a potential relationship, without spending weeks, months, or even years dating and vetting a relationship that may be doomed from the start.
  4. Assess your current relationship. Are you on the same page regarding your attitudes about life and relationships? Or, is it time to discuss your compatibility, reconcile your differences, and make your relationship work even better?
Put simply, whether you’re in a relationship or not, or in the process of deciding, “is it time to move in, move out, or run for the hills,” this book will help you make decisions about your life and relationships with enlightened self-confidence.

Dilby R. Dixon's the Dilbonary Cover Image
ISBN: 9781543906103
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Bookbaby - August 31st, 2017

Dilby R. Dixon was no ordinary 10-year-old boy. He was an outcast, the odd kid in school. Growing up as an only child, he had gotten accustomed to a life of solitude. In fact, he had no friends at all, which made him question whether or not he fit in with others in school or in this world. To occupy his time, Dilby turned to his wild imagination as he would dream of the most unbelievable places and have the most amazing adventures. From these dreams, he created a secret journal of weird words that he called, the Dilbonary, which he took it everywhere he went, guarding it with his life. No one knew the Dilbonary existed, that was until the 6th grade when Riley Rogers, the school bully, got a hold of it, setting off a chain of events that would alter Dilby's life forever. Then, just after his 11th Birthday, something extraordinary happened, leading him to embark on the biggest adventure of his life and finding the truth behind who he really is.

¡OUT! Las Transformistas of Havana Cover Image
ISBN: 9781634524575
Availability: Special Order - Please Call the Store to Verify
Published: Eric Politzer Photography - February 1st, 2017

¡OUT! Las Transformistas of Havana" is a limited edition fine art photography book celebrating the performers in Havana’s gay cabarets. These are transgender women, men in transition, female impersonators, and men who identify primarily as women. The gay cabarets historically have been the equivalent of community centers for the LGBTQ community in Cuba.

True Grandeur: A Hollywood Novel Cover Image
By Cal R. Barnes, Goldstein-Warren Laurie (Cover Design by), Ren Horng-Wang (Editor)
ISBN: 9780999161012
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Magic Hour Press - September 20th, 2017

Beverly Hills Concentration Camp: A Healing Journey and Memoir Cover Image
ISBN: 9780996969307
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Flying Squirrel Publishing - February 1st, 2016

Beverly Hills Concentration Camp: A Healing Journey and Memoir is a riveting story in which Alix, a married woman and mom, is suddenly overcome by incorrigible physical pain and tries every alternative method that comes her way to resolve the issue without surgery. Through flashbacks, she unblocks a tortuous past, going from dysfunction to recovery, peeling away layer upon layer of stuck energy in her body with wit and a surprising sense of humor. She discovers her problems stemmed from the Holocaust family dynamics with which she had grown up. Neglected and ignored after her father died, Alix lived with her brothers in a Spanish house in a wealthy neighborhood with a mother who acted as if she were still a Jewish prisoner in a Concentration Camp and re-creating a trans-generational pattern within the household.

Aix diligently and courageously breaks free from the negative traumas and abuse she had experienced by remembering, re-experiencing and releasing that awful energy while, at the same time, tapping further into her own power. As she tries alternative healing methods, we watch her change before our eyes becoming the woman she was meant to be, turning her life around and living pain-free with heightened intuition, a psychic gift, and in a state of freedom and spiritual well-being.

Her goal now is to help others heal themselves and their their lineages as she did, changing those trajectories forever. This story shows us the impossible is possible if we hold on to our goal of listening to that inner voice that tells us the true direction in which to go, no matter what others think. When we achieve that, we are free. Leading others to take risks, focusing on gratitude, taking alternate healing routes, and opening her heart to love, nature and wholeness, Alix transmutes not only herself, but also the lives of future family generations.

Searching for the White Magician: Spiritual Psychology and the Manifestation of Destiny Cover Image
ISBN: 9780997603866
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: New Meridian Arts - November 15th, 2017

Stefania Magidson invites readers to join her on a journey of exploration and rediscovery of that inner place that holds the lens of mystery, through which life filters if we allow it. She invites them to find that magic wand that transforms inner worlds into realities, whose potential is only temporarily dormant.

Poems of a Prodigal Cover Image
ISBN: 9780692982648
Availability: Special Order - Please Call the Store to Verify
Published: Brandon R. Burdette - December 13th, 2017

Brandon R. Burdette, the author of the 2016 poetry anthology "Saturnian Tonsure," has given us this larger collection, "Poems of a Prodigal," in 2017. As before, he confesses himself, his struggles, his love for beauty, his spirituality, and his speculations for all to see, in hopes that he might encourage and awaken readers everywhere.