BESTSELLERS: September 30 - October 6



1. The Cuban Club
(Barry Gifford)

2. Killing Commendator
(Haruki Murakami)

3. French Exit
(Patrick Dewitt)

4. Flights
(Olga Tokarczuk)

5. Guide For Murdered Children
(Sarah Sparrow)

6. Your Duck is My Duck
(Deborah Eisenberg)

7. There There
(Tommy Orange)

8. Hippie
(Paulo Coelho)

9. My Year of Rest and Relaxation
(Ottessa Moshfegh)

10. Certain American States
(Catherine Lacey)

1. Ghost Photographer
(Julie Rieger)

2. Good and Mad
(Rebecca Traister)

3. Thirst
(Scott Harrison)

4. Richard Bernstein Starmaker
(Roger Padilha)

5. Feuding Fan Dancers
(Leslie Zemeckis)

6. Led Zepplin
(Led Zepplin)

7. Women Who Rock
(Evelyn McDonnell)

8. Fifth RIsk
(Michael Lewis)

9. Fabulous Bouvier Sisters
(Sam Kashner)

10. Who is Michael Ovitz?
(Michael Ovitz)


1. The Wangs Vs the World
(Jade Chang)

2. Now I'm Here
(Jim Provenzano)

3. My Best Friend's Exorcism
(Grady Hendrix)

4. Unrest Cure and Other Stories

5. Her Body and Other Parties
(Carmen Machado)

6. Less
(Andrew Sean Greer)

7. I'd Die For You
(F. Scott Fitzgerald)

8. Play It As It Lays
(Joan Didion)

9. A Little Life
(Hanya Yanagihara)

10. Ninty-Nine Stories of God
(Joy Williams)

1. Another Phase
(Eloise Klein Healy)

2. Full Service
(Scotty Bowers)

3.500 Hidden Secrets of Los Angeles
(Giovanni Simeone)

4. Wild Sunrise
(Eloise Klein Healy)

5. Last Train to the Missing Planet
(Kim Dower)

6. The Body Keeps the Score
(Bessel Van Der Kolk)

7. Sapiens
(Yuval Noah Harari)

8. Best American Short Stories 2018
(Roxane Gay)

9. Air Kissing on Mars
(Kim Dower)

10. Just Kids
(Patti Smith)




1. Bridges of Clay (Markus Zusak)

2. Mysterious Benedict Society (Trenton Stewart)

3. My Art Book of Love (Shana Gozansky)

4. Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine (Mark Twain)

5. Atlas Obscura Explorers Guide (Dylan Thuras)

6. Drama (Raina Telgemeieser)

7. Smile and Sisters (Raina Telgemeieser)

8. All My Treasures (Jo Witek)

9. We Are in a Book (Mo Willems)

10. Bad Beginning  (Lemony Snicket)