BESTSELLERS: February 4 - 10



1. Guilt We Carry
(Samuel W. Gailey)

2. Black Leopard, Red Wolf
(Marlon James)

3. My Year of Rest & Relaxation
(Ottessa Moshfegh)

4. Cherry
(Nico Walker)

5. Dreamers
(Karen Thompson Walker)

6You Know You Want This
(Kristen Roupenian)

7.  The Immortalists
(Chloe Benjamin)

8. Far Field
(Madhuri Vijay)

9. There, There
(Tommy Orange)

10. The Friend
(Sigrid Nunez)

1. Roma
(Alfonso Cuaron)

2. Scaling Leadership
(Robert Anderson)

3. Rolling with Rock Royalty
(Brian C. Chatton)

4. Becoming
(Michelle Obama)

5. Dear Zealots
(Amos Oz)

6. The Library Book
(Susan Orlean)

7. Salt Fat Acid Heat
(Samin Nosrat)

8. Dear Los Angeles
(David Kipen)

9. Educated
(Tara Westover)

10. She Wants It
(Jill Solloway)


1. Less
(Andrew Sean Greer)

2. The Immortalists
(Chloe Benjamin)

3. Secret History
(Donna Tartt)

4. Pretend I'm Dead
(Jen Beagin)

5. Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom
(Sylvia Plath)

6Kind Worth Killing
(Peter Swanson)

7. I Am God
(Giacomo Sartori)

8. The Diamond Setter
(Moshe Sakal)

9. Conversations with Friends
(Sally Rooney)

10. The Friend
(Sigrid Nunez)

1. Collected Schizophrenias
(Esme Weijun Wang)

2. Tosh
(Tosh Berman)

3. Magical Negro
(Morgan Parker)

4. Power of Your Subconscious Mind
(Joseph Murphy)

5. Laurel Canyon
(Michael Walker)

6. War of Art
(Steve Pressfield)

7. Death Valley Superstars
(Duke Haney)

8. Book of Longing
(Leonard Cohen)

9. Go Ahead in the Rain
(Hanif Abdurraqib)

10. Origins of Creativity
(Edward Wilson)




1. Class Action (Steven B. Frank)

2. I'll Give You the Sun (Jandy Nelson)

3Not Quite Narwhal (Jessie Sima)

4. Dog Man: Brawl of the Wild (Dav Pilkey)

5. She Persisted (Chelsea Clinton)

6. Where is Hollywood? (Dina Anastasio)

7. Hazel Wood (Melissa Albert)

8. Malala (Malala Yousafzai)

9. What Would She Do? (Kay Woodward)

10. Wolf Hollow (Lauren Wolk)