Book Soup Archive Project

We are quickly approaching the 50th anniversary of Book Soup in 2025. As this milestone gets closer we find ourselves in a reflective mood. Glenn Goldman founded this small but mighty bookshop in 1975 on the world famous Sunset Strip with a dream to put books into the hands of the "Great & Infamous" readers of Los Angeles. Since his passing in 2009 we have done our best to keep that dream alive.

We've covered a lot of ground over the past almost 50 years and we have hosted Hollywood legends, music icons, notorious writers of all stripes and a disgraced public figure or two. Along the way we have done our best to find and recommend some great reads to our community of readers and it has been a great honor to take that journey with you.

We've held on to important documents and photos and of course we have our own memories which admittedly are not perfect - the infamous Hunter S. Thompson book signing changes with each retelling like a glorious mythology and it's always amusing.  And that's where you come in. We'd love to hear from you about a favorite Book Soup experience that you have had. 

Please send your memories to and include BOOK SOUP ARCHIVE in the subject line. If you have a photo, that's great too! With your permission we'd love to include your memory in a Book Soup Oral History project that we are putting together here.