Book Soup Bestsellers


These are Book Soup's bestselling titles for the week of September 17th - 23rd
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The World Wasn't Ready for You Speak of It Liarmouth Archive

1. The World Wasn't Ready for You
(Justin C. Key)

2. Wellness
(Nathan Hill)

3. The Fraud
(Zadie Smith)

4. Rouge
(Mona Awad)

5. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow
(Gabrielle Zevin)

6. The Enchanters
(James Ellroy)

7. The Pole
(J M Coetzee)

8. Not Forever, But For Now
(Chuck Palahniuk)

9. Bright Young Women
(Jessica Knoll)

10. The Vaster Wilds
(Lauren Groff)

1. Speak of It
(Marcos McPeek Villatoro)

2. The New Automation Mindset
(Vijay Tella)

3. No Crying in Baseball
(Erin Carlson)

4. Rogan Gregory
(Rogan Gregory)

5. The Creative Act
(Rick Rubin)

6. A Front Row Seat
(Nancy Olson Livingston)

7. Elon Musk
(Walter Isaacson)

8. Build the Life You Want
(Arthur Brooks)

9. Scattershot
(Bernie Taupin)

10. Sure, I'll Join Your Cult
(Maria Bamford)

1. Liarmouth
(John Waters)

2. Big Swiss
(Jen Beagin)

3. Bliss Montage
(Ling Ma)

4. Never Let Me Go
(Kazuo Ishiguro)

5. Pure Colour
(Sheila Heti)

6. Our Share of Night
(Mariana Enriquez)

7. This is How You Lose the Time War
(Amal El-Mohtar)

8. Four Treasures of the Sky
(Jenny Tinghui Zhang)

9. To the Lighthouse
(Virginia Woolf)

10. The Overstory
(Richard Powers)

1. Archive
(Sofia Coppola)

2. The Monkees
(Tom Kemper)

3. Killers of the Flower Moon
(David Grann)

4. All About Love
(Bell Hooks)

5. The Fran Lebowitz Reader
(Fran Lebowitz)

6. The Power of Now
(Eckhart Tolle)

7. Barrel Fever
(David Sedaris)

8. Elvis and Me
(Priscilla Presley)

9. The 2000s Made Me Gay
(Grace Perry)

10. Tales from the Gutter
(Mike Corcione)