Book Soup Bestsellers

These are Book Soup's bestelling titles for the week of Jan. 10th through 16th.
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1. Prophets    
(Robert Jones)

2. Outlawed    
(Anna North)

3. Black Buck    
(Mateo Askaripour)

4. Hamnet    
(Maggie O'Farrell)

5. Midnight Library    
(Matt Haig)

6. Detransition Baby    
(Torrey Peters)

7. Death in Her Hands    
(Ottessa Moshfegh)

8. Glass Hotel    
(Emily St John Mandel)

9. Breasts & Eggs    
(Mieko Kawakami)

10. Cleanness    
(Garth Greenwell)

1. Ask Your Developer    
(Jeff Lawson)

2. I'm Your Huckleberry    
(Val Kilmer)

3. Swim in a Pond in the Rain    
(George Saunders)

4. Boy the Mole the Fox & the Horse    
(Charlie Mackesy)

5. Confess    
(Rob Halford)

6. Best of Me    
(David Sedaris)

7. Black and White and Weird All Over 
(Jon Schwartz)

8. Caste    
(Isabel Wilkerson)

9. A Promised Land    
(Barack Obama)

10. Beauty of What Remains    
(Steve Leder)

1. Get a Life Chloe Brown    
(Talia Hibbert)

2. Interior Chinatown    
(Charles Yu)

3. Shuggie Bain    
(Douglas Stuart)

4. Autumn    
(Ali Smith)

5. One for the Money    
(Janet Evanovich)

6. Play It as It Lays    
(Joan Didion)

7. Hearing Trumpet    
(Leonora Carrington)

8. Meet Me at the Museum    
(Anne Youngson)

9. Age of Innocence    
(Edith Wharton)

10. Fingersmith    
(Sarah Waters)


1. No One Asked for This    
(Cazzie David)

2. Hitler in Los Angeles    
(Steven Ross)

3. On Tyranny    
(Timothy Snyder)

4. Heart Talk    
(Cleo Wade)

5. Trick Mirror    
(Jia Tolentino)

6. Sapiens    
(Yuval Noah Harari)

7. Into the Magic Shop    
(James Doty)

8. Be Here Now    
(Ram Dass)

9. Age of Surveillance    
(Shoshana Zuboff)

10. Erosion    
(Terry Williams)