Book Soup Bestsellers

These are Book Soup's bestelling titles for the week of April 5 through April 11.
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1. Northern Spy
(Flynn Berry)

2. You Love Me
(Caroline Kepnes)

3. First Person Singular
(Haruki Murakami)

4.Klara & the Sun
(Kazuo Ishiguro) 

5. Detransition Baby
(Torrey Peters)

6. Mona 
(Pola Oloixarac) 

7. Hamnet
(Maggie O'Farrell) 

8. Midnight Library
(Matt Haig)

9. Invisible Ink
(Patrick Modiano)

10. Better Luck Next Time
(Julia Claiborne Johnson)

1. Last Chance Texaco
(Rickie Lee Jones)

2. Vibrant
(Stacie Stephenson)

3. People Strategy
(Jack Altman)

4. Beauty of Living Twice
(Sharon Stone)

5. Israel
(Nos Tishby)

6. Shooting Midnight Cowboy
(Glenn Frankel)

7. Comeback Season
(Cam Perron)

8. The Hill We Climb
(Amanda Gorman)

9. I Have Been Buried Under Years of Dust
(Valerie Gilpeer & Emily Grodin)

10. Broken Horses
(Brandi Carlile)


1. Marvel Universe: Origin Stories
(Bruce Wagner)

2. Kind Worth Killing 
(Peter Swanson)

3. Secret Lives of Church Ladies
(Deesha Philyaw)

4. Cactus League
(Emily Nemens)

5. Bluest Eye
(Toni Morrison)

6. Children's Bible
(Lydia Millet)

7. Last Picture Show
(Larry McMurtry)

8. Court of Thorns & Roses
(Sarah J. Maas)

9. Misery
(Stephen King)

10.  Farewell to Arms
(Ernest Hemingway)

1. Heart Talk: the Journal
(Cleo Wade)

2. Last Train to the Missing Planet
(Kim Dower)

3. Air Kissing on Mars
(Kim Dower)

4. Slice of Moon
(Kim Dower)

5. Sunbathing on Tyrone Power's Grave
(Kim Dower)

6. All About Love
(Bell Hooks)

7. Body
(Bill Bryson)

8. Heart Talk
(Cleo Wade)

9. Jean Michel Basquiat Reader
(Jordana Moore Saggese)

10. Consider This
(Chuck Palahniuk)