Battleground Ukraine: From Independence to the War with Russia (Hardcover)

Battleground Ukraine: From Independence to the War with Russia By Adrian Karatnycky Cover Image
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The first major English-language history of Ukraine from its emergence after the demise of the Soviet Union through the current Russian invasion

“A fascinating and highly informative narrative.”—Arthur Herman, Wall Street Journal

In 1991, after seventy years of imperial Soviet rule, Ukraine became an independent country. Since 2022, it has been fighting an existential war against an unprovoked, brutal, and ongoing invasion by Russia. At the center of its resistance is the resilience of a united people.  
Ukraine expert Adrian Karatnycky provides an eyewitness account of the history of the modern Ukrainian state and of the nation through the tenures of the six presidents who have led Ukraine since the collapse of the USSR, including Volodymyr Zelensky. Karatnycky shows how—despite the influence of corrupt oligarchs, pressures from Russia, and the legacies of Soviet rule—an inclusive and united Ukrainian nation has emerged that inspires the world as it defends the principle that states and peoples have the right to their national sovereignty.

About the Author

Adrian Karatnycky is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. Through the council’s Ukraine program, as a labor union official, and as CEO of Freedom House, he has been deeply engaged in Ukraine for over three decades. He has written about Ukraine for leading newspapers and journals.

Praise For…

“Fascinating and highly informative. . . . Mr. Karatnycky . . . has been studying Ukraine for decades and is especially well placed to tell its story and offer a convincing analysis of the fateful turns in Ukraine’s past as well as a picture of its possible future.”—Arthur Herman, Wall Street Journal

Listed by Wall Street Journal among “12 Books to Read: The Best Reviews of June”

“An authoritative account [and] an important addition to the literature. . . . Karatnycky combines eyewitness accounts with historical analysis, adding depth and insight to the bulletins of war.”—Kirkus Reviews

“[A] comprehensive account of Ukraine’s recent history by a writer who is thoroughly familiar with Ukraine’s identity, international context and the intricacies of Ukraine’s cultural and historic contemporary developments.”—Katya Soldak, Forbes

“An indispensable history of contemporary Ukraine by a writer who is himself one of the builders of contemporary Ukraine. The point of view is intimate. The insights are astute. The sympathy extends to all who labored, fought, and sacrificed for a liberal, democratic, and European Ukraine.”—David Frum, author of Trumpocalypse

“Adrian Karatnycky portrays a heroic people defending their identity, culture, and freedom against formidable headwinds, grasping the essence of a nation that has become a humanitarian and geopolitical flashpoint.”—Liev Schreiber, actor, director, and writer, and cofounder of BlueCheck Ukraine

“Ukraine’s battle is our battle, so understanding its post-independence history is vital if the battle is to be won. Adrian Karatnycky has done an outstanding job of telling that story, warts and all.”—Bill Emmott, former editor-in-chief, The Economist, and chairman, International Institute for Strategic Studies

“Adrian Karatnycky has a knowledge of Ukraine that comes not only with reading history but also with making it. A participant in many key events in Ukraine’s recent past, in this important book he provides unique insights into the rise of independent Ukraine and explains why the country and its people keep fighting when others gave up.”—Serhii Plokhy, author of The Russo-Ukrainian War: The Return of History
“Adrian Karatnycky’s new book, Battleground Ukraine, is essential reading. Now, more than ever, the history of Ukraine and the dazzling resilience of its people should be shared with the world and his work does just this. Through his in-depth knowledge and expertise, Karatnycky shows what’s at stake for the world in the war against Ukraine.”—Bernard-Henri Lévy, philosopher, author, and filmmaker
“Truly invaluable. Adrian Karatnycky’s knowledge of and personal feel for Ukraine—its leaders and its people—come through on every page. Want to make yourself an expert on the problem that will define Europe’s future for decades to come? Read this book!”—Stephen Sestanovich, Columbia University, and former U.S. ambassador-at-large to the Newly Independent States of the Former USSR

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