Cornerstones of Australian Law: 3rd Edition (Paperback)

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Cornerstones of Australian Law, 3/e has been extensively revised, expanding and updating the content of previous editions, and includes many more case examples. This text consists of 25 chapters and is divided into 6 parts: * Part A looks at the Australian legal system. * Part B addresses torts, plus coverage of defamation, nuisance and trespass. * Part C covers contract law that is divided into three chapters. * Part D details consumer law, specifically the sale of goods and consumer protection. * Part E details consumer law including the sale of goods, restrictive trade practices, marketing and advertising law and intellectual property law. * Part F covers business ownership and bankruptcy law.
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ISBN: 9780734610669
ISBN-10: 0734610661
Publisher: Tilde Publishing and Distribution
Publication Date: March 1st, 2011
Pages: 764
Language: English
Series: Cornerstones