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"It's about Francis Ford, his baby brother John, and the westward migration of the movies. It's about a particularly American type of screen acting that in Carducci's estimation slipped into pictures by way of the second unit through real-life cowboy/stuntman/performers.... It's also about the most fun I've had with a film book in about a million years. Carducci, once an integral player at the pioneering hardcore punk label, SST, now lives and writes in Wyoming, and he wears his status as an outsider removed from the "Culturati" as a badge of honor.... A large part of his 1991 opus Rock and the Pop Narcotic was dedicated to dismantling certain recurring political pieties that obscured the discussion of rock as an actual musical form. Appearing a quarter-century later, Stone Male may be taken as the second part of Carducci's epic treatise toward an aesthetics of American exceptionalism.... Carducci counts Manny Farber as one of his (few) critical heroes and in an era marked by extreme mannerly pussyfooting self-consciousness, he has managed to produce a genuinely untamed, totally termitic work." - Nick Pinkerton./ Film Comment

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ISBN: 9780962761256
Publisher: Redoubt Press
Publication Date: November 30th, 0002
Pages: 422