Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?: An Artistic Pairing of Two Iconic Cities (Paperback)

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"When you fall in love with a city, it is forever." --Toni Morrison

This unique book is about exploring Paris and Los Angeles, a mixing and pairing of yesterday and today, the monumental and the everyday, the people and things, all shared through text and illustrations that tell the stories of these two very different, yet similar, cities.

For the first time, the cities of Los Angeles and Paris are illustrated in parallel. "Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?" represents a visionary approach to a comparative study of two major, contemporary metropolises. As a long-time resident of both cities and a successful entrepreneur, author Diane Ratican curates visual pairings of Los Angeles and Paris with a newfound appreciation for their similarities, differences and eccentricities.

"Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?" features full-color illustrations by famed artists Eric Giriat (Paris) and Nick Lu (Los Angeles), highlighting the Yin-Yang relationship of everyday life between two of the world's great cities. Primarily an art book, this visual publication playfully "connects the dots" between respective architectural icons, historical legends, fashion trends, and cultural peculiarities. With the added benefit of historic information, cultural trivia, and a guide to the author's favorite "addresses," "Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?" is a unique visual guide for visitors to Los Angeles and/or Paris who want to experience the cultural milieu of these two distinguished cities.
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ISBN: 9780991131501
ISBN-10: 0991131509
Publisher: Illustrated Books
Publication Date: October 15th, 2014
Pages: 248
Language: English