My Big C - Still Here After All These Years (Paperback)

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My Big C - Still Here After All These Years is a darkly comedic memoirabout a vibrant 40-something California teacher, wife and mother of two teens who is suddenly diagnosed with stage IV cancer and given an 18-month prognosis. As she tries to deal with the shock of her death sentence, search for the best doctors, unending treatments, her two teens' reactions and her crumbling 25-year marriage, she finds solace in her meditative swimming pool and through writing a screenplay about her life through a writing program. Blind-sided by even more shocking family events, she is stunned one day to find what appear to be many strange but obvious parallels to her screenplay and life in an acclaimed and popular new hit television series. Despite the myriad setbacks, she is supported throughout her epic struggle by her team of real-life "superheroes." Against overwhelming odds she ultimately survives to live through major life events she feared she would never see. Radin writes this ultimately optimistic and often humorous story about her miraculous long-term survival with the desire to give hope to millions of others fighting cancer or other difficulties.

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ISBN: 9780998661520
ISBN-10: 099866152X
Publisher: Dramedy Press
Publication Date: August 8th, 2017
Pages: 228
Language: English