Pivotal Paths (Paperback)

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Pivotal Paths is the story of a teenaged basketball phenomenon growing up in Compton during the gang and drug explosions of the late 1980's. He comes from a single-parent home that, thanks to a limited income, is confined to poverty. Despite a commitment to ride his talents to a better life Quic chases instant gratification in the form of a fast buck and tries his hand at drug dealing. Though he excels in this area, Quic holds steadfast that the lifestyle that ushered his father, an early-generation Crip, into a premature grave is not for him. Quic rationalizes the contradiction that becomes his life with thoughts that drug dealing is temporary. Quic doesn't gang bang, but everyone around him, including his best friend, Lil Jay, does. His loyalty to his friends keeps him in the line of fire. Quic's relationship to the hood and its seductive allure places him at a crossroads that will determine whether he pursues his hoop dreams or sets them aside for the trap that is hood life.
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ISBN: 9780999145401
ISBN-10: 0999145401
Publisher: Ndugu Voice
Publication Date: July 11th, 2017
Pages: 204
Language: English