The Unfolding (Paperback)

The Unfolding By Jeehan Quijano Cover Image
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Set in San Jacinto, a rural town in the Philippines, the story traces the return from Los Angeles of Benjamin, the son of an indigent farm worker, who realized his dream of gaining an education and escaping the poverty of his hometown. He is drawn back to his roots by the sudden death of his brother, Omar, and the unanswered questions that emerge from that tragedy. Over one week, the story focuses on the revelations that follow one after the other about how his future was actually secured and the deal his father made with the seemingly benevolent figure of Don Rafael. Overtaken by feelings of guilt and questioning all that his education had helped him achieve, Benjamin finds himself led down a deadly path in search of redemption.
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ISBN: 9780999461723
ISBN-10: 0999461729
Publisher: New Meridian Arts
Publication Date: October 25th, 2018
Pages: 216
Language: English