A Clydesdale's Tale: or How a Big Guy Trained For and Ran the Vermont 100 (Paperback)

A Clydesdale's Tale: or How a Big Guy Trained For and Ran the Vermont 100 By Steven "steve" LaTour Cover Image
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I underwent a great transformation in four short years. I went from being obese to being slightly less obese. Hmm. Maybe that is not the best way to describe my journey. Instead, let me say it this way: I went from a 1/2 mile training run to finishing a 100 mile trail race in only 4.5 years. Yes, that sounds better. How did I do it? Why would I want to? When did all of this occur? What were the methods used therein? Where are the fun and fact-filled tips and Who can benefit from them? The answers are to be found inside, if you chance to look for them. NEW UPDATED VERSION (Sorry for yelling). Many, if not all of the little nagging errors have been corrected, and now I can finally sleep at night, untroubled by proofreading woes. Ah, sweet closure, how I do love thee.

About the Author

Steven Latour is a human being who lives in a hollow tree. To some, he is "The Bard." To others, he is "A horse's behind." He thinks he is funny long past the time that others do. He once killed a man just to watch him die (it was only a gingerbread man, yet he cried for days thereafter).
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ISBN: 9781453882665
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 29th, 2010
Pages: 302
Language: English