Beginning Lora Radio Networks with Arduino: Build Long Range, Low Power Wireless Iot Networks (Paperback)

Beginning Lora Radio Networks with Arduino: Build Long Range, Low Power Wireless Iot Networks Cover Image
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Create your own LoRa wireless projects for non-industrial use and gain a strong basic understanding of the LoRa technology, LoRa WAN, and LPWAN.
You'll start by building your first LoRa wireless channel and then move on to various interesting projects such as setting up networks with a LoRa gateway, communicating with IoT servers using RESTful API and MQTT protocol, and real-time GPS tracking.
With LoRa wireless and LoRaWAN, you can build a wide array of applications in the area of smart agriculture, smart cities, smart environment, smart healthcare, smart homes and buildings, smart industrial control, smart metering, smart supply chain and logistics. Beginning LoRa Radio Networks with Arduino provides a practical introduction and uses affordable and easy to obtain hardware to build projects with the Arduino development environment.
What You'll Learn
  • Understand the hardware need to build LoRaWAN
  • Use the Arduino development environment to write code
  • Connect to Arduino hardware and upload programs and communicate with them
  • Setup networks with LoRa gateway
  • Show real time track with tail, and path history
Who This Book Is For

Inventors, hackers, crafters, students, hobbyists, and scientists

About the Author

Pradeeka Seneviratne is a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in computer programming and systems design. He is an expert in the development of Arduino and Raspberry Pi-based embedded systems and is currently a full-time embedded software engineer working with embedded systems and highly scalable technologies. Previously, Pradeeka worked as a software engineer for several IT infrastructure and technology servicing companies. He is the author of several books, including Beginning BBC micro: bit (Apress), Building Arduino PLCs (Apress), and Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints (Packt).
Product Details
ISBN: 9781484243565
ISBN-10: 1484243560
Publisher: Apress
Publication Date: February 19th, 2019
Pages: 309
Language: English