The Art of Agile Product Ownership: A Guide for Product Managers, Business Analysts, and Entrepreneurs (Paperback)

The Art of Agile Product Ownership: A Guide for Product Managers, Business Analysts, and Entrepreneurs Cover Image
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Part 1: Meet the Product Owner.-

Chapter 1: What Are You Building?.-

Chapter 2: Why Have a Product Owner?.-

Chapter 3: Who Is the Product Owner?.-

Chapter 4: Requirements, Discover, and Demand.-

Chapter 5: Every Product Owner Needs Four Things.-

Chapter 6: Customers, Users, and Stakeholders.-

Part 2: What Do Product Owners Do?.-

Chapter 7: Scrum and the Product Owner.-

Chapter 8: On-Stage Product Owner.-

Chapter 9: Off-Stage Product Owner.-

Chapter 10: The Busy Product Owner.-

Chapter 11: Stop Doing.-

Chapter 12: Specialist Help.-

Part 3: Role Models.-

Chapter 13: Product Owner as Entrepreneur.-

Chapter 14: The Project Manager Role.-

Chapter 15: What Do Project Managers Do?.-

Chapter 16: Changes in Product Management.-

Chapter 17: The Business Analyst Role.-

Chapter 18: The Different Types of Business Analysts.-

Part 4: Challenges.-

Chapter 19: The Product Owner Refactored.-

Chapter 20: Changing Hats.-

Chapter 21: Mission Impossible.-

Chapter 22: The End.-

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About the Author

Allan Kelly still considers himself a software engineer--even if nobody pays him to code any more. Deciding what to build, understanding customer needs, designing the software, and organizing the processes are all part of software engineering to him. He helps companies and teams undertake software engineering using agile techniques working as a consultant, coach, or manager. Most of his clients are small innovative companies few people have heard of. His better known clients include Virgin Atlantic, Qualcomm, The Bank of England, Reed Elsevier, and Swift. Allan has pioneered techniques such as Value Poker, Time-Value Profiles and Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. He is the author of the perennial essay "Dear Customer, the Truth about IT" and a number of earlier books including Continuous Digital, A Little Book of Requirements and User Stories, Xanpan, and Business Patterns for Software Developers.
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