The Lay of Lala Land (Paperback)

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After being caught peeping in on his nubile young step-mom with his makeshift peeping contraption, 12 year-old Lenny Dushoff's abusive, gluttonous father sends him off to a mental hospital for a 72 hour psychiatric evaluation. In a year's time from the peeping incident, Lenny will suffer a great loss, one that will riddle him with guilt throughout his adolescence. Seven years later, Lenny, now quiet, insecure and sexually inexperienced, escaped the trauma of his upbringing to the campus of a major university, where as a sophomore psychology major he finally finds the love that he’s dreamed of since boyhood. But as boy meets girl, Lenny discovers Jane’s “dirty” secret, one that could destroy her entire life. In a dramatic, darkly comic, but often absurdist coming of age tale about college sexual mayhem, Lenny uncovers the childhood roots of Jane’s human condition, and in the process, comes to a deeper understanding of his own.

Praise For…

Pick up a copy of The Lay of LaLa Land by A.Y. Miles if you dare to be shocked on several levels. This book is not for those offended by colourful language full of sexual innuendo and even borderline pornographic description. But it is an absorbing read for anyone with an open mind who reads a book to get at its real message. That message, in The Lay of LaLa Land by A.Y. Miles, is an important one.
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ISBN: 9781520397788
Publisher: A. Y. Miles
Publication Date: January 16th, 2017
Pages: 315