7,300 Days (Paperback)

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By Isabella Mente, Chase Wolcott (Illustrator), Sarah Hesky (Illustrator)
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this book holds my story, my odyssey, through twenty years of life. it shares my story through the darkness and the light. get comfy, put your favorite sweats on, boil some water, and make tea. crack open the pages and feel with me. hold my art upon your lap and let it become a part of you. because this story is not just mine, it is yours, too. all my love, me. themes found within this text: femininity, mental health: depression/anxiety, self-love, sexual abuse, love, trauma, etc. a coming of age] xx.

About the Author

isabella mente is a writer currently living in los angeles, california. she began sharing her story, through blogging, during her freshman year of college (2014) focusing mainly on mindfulness and veganism. soon after, she fell in love with writing about sexuality, love, self-empowerment, femininity, mental health, and other themes found in this book. she finds writing the most comfortable form of self expression, but also likes to share her thoughts through video, photography, and spoken word.
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ISBN: 9781537112701
ISBN-10: 1537112708
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 29th, 2016
Pages: 346
Language: English