How to Effectively Resolve Consumer Complaints and Motoring Disputes: The Grumpy Git (Paperback)

How to Effectively Resolve Consumer Complaints and Motoring Disputes: The Grumpy Git Cover Image
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Are you fed up being fobbed off by incompetent staff who laughably call themselves 'Sales Representatives' or 'Customer Service Advisors' when you have a legitimate complaint?Do you simply think it's the way of the world and there is nothing you can do about it? Think again Using my skills, knowledge and expertise, I can show you how to effectively complain to get fast results and good compensation with the minimum of effort and fuss on your part. What you pay for this knowledge, which will only cost you the price of a pub lunch, will reap rewards time and time again and will, without doubt, be the best investment you have ever made.The inspiration for writing this book came from single handedly fighting (and winning) a wide range of consumer related cases mainly revolving around poor customer service and, in one instance, blatant fraud. Throughout the book I refer to real life cases and give you all the tools you need to win disputes. I have included templates and guidance on legislation to seal your case from the outset, and secure a quick resolution in your favour.Later chapters of the book cover various motoring offences including how to submit pothole claims, contest parking tickets and dispute alleged speeding offences and I show you how I successfully contested an alleged motoring offence by interpreting the Road Traffic Act and quoting the law back to the Police trying to enforce the law.A professional with legal qualifications and a career of nearly twenty years in offshore finance (spanning banking, regulation and tax planning), I am well versed in scrutinising legislation and conducting in-depth due diligence on individuals and companies of all sizes.I would like to give credit to Erin Siddoway for kindly providing me with the design cover for this book, and Alison Nicholson at for proof-reading and editing my work. I appreciate the efforts and contributions they have made in helping me bring this book to fruition.
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ISBN: 9781539072409
ISBN-10: 1539072401
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 24th, 2016
Pages: 356
Language: English