Jay Gatsby: A Black Man in Whiteface (Paperback)

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WHAT IF JAY GATSBY IS A BLACK MAN PASSING AS A WHITE ONE? "Jay Gatsby: A Black Man in Whiteface" expounds upon the thesis that Jay Gatsby, the much beloved hero of "The Great Gatsby," is a man of mixed black and white parentage who pretends and appears to be a white man. Through a close examination of the text, a review of F. Scott Fitzgerald's life and letters, and a discussion of the racially charged climate of the Jazz Age, the book explains how America's troubled conscience about race laces through the novel and that Fitzgerald wrote from his conflicting racial beliefs and his insider/outsider status to support the novel's central theme: the doomed pursuit of the American Dream. Fitzgerald himself said that even the most enthusiastic contemporary reviewers failed to understand what the novel was about. It is often referred to as a novel where much is said by implication and ellipsis which must be weighed and measured to appreciate its artistic grandeur. Jay Gatsby: A Black Man in Whiteface does the weighing and measuring to see what we may have missed in a direct and fun prose style and provides easily accessible supporting annotation and bibliography so you can follow along.

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Janet Savage is an entertainment attorney. She holds degrees from Harvard Law and Stanford. She lives in California and reads a lot.
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