Screenplays: Catch a Fallen Star & Begin Again Finnegan (Vol. 2) (Paperback)

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CATCH A FALLEN STAR is the story of Layton Cross, a man who fails upward. As his career sinks as his battles with two ex-wives go public, his fame and popularity continue to rise. Can he get out from the tangle of family troubles, deceitful friends, devious journalists, and cunning studio heads? Grobel, whose in-depth interviews have appeared in Playboy, Movieline, Premiere, and Rolling Stone, is on familiar territory with this screenplay. BEGIN AGAIN FINNEGAN: How far would you go to help your best friend? That's the question journalist Devin Hunter faces when movie star Adrian Kiel asks him to be his alibi to cover a possible murder. Hunter's decision leads him into a labyrinth of secret lives, psychiatric wards, celebrity "justice," blackmail, and betrayal. Dealing with relationships and their consequences, it explores the loyalty of a friendship and how one misguided decision sets off a chain of events that spiral out of control.

About the Author

Lawrence Grobel ( is the author of 27 books including The Hustons, The Art of the Interview, Conversations with Capote, and the ones adapted here. He is the recipient of an NEA Fellowship for Fiction, the Prix Litteraire from the French Syndicate of Film Critics, P.E.N. and Playboy Special Achievement Awards, and five Publisher's Weekly Best Books of the Year. He served in the Peace Corps, directed a graduate writing program for Antioch, and taught at UCLA. He has appeared on CNN, The Today Show, GMA, The Charlie Rose Show and in two documentaries, Salinger and Al Pacino's Wilde Salome. Catch a Fallen Star and Begin Again Finnegan both deal with actors in turmoil, the sliding scale of fame, and families in crises, though they are very different stories with very different outcomes.
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