Louisiana Notary Exam Sidepiece to the 2020 Study Guide: Tips, Index, Forms-Essentials Missing in the Official Book (Paperback)

Louisiana Notary Exam Sidepiece to the 2020 Study Guide: Tips, Index, Forms-Essentials Missing in the Official Book Cover Image
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NOTE: Now superseded by a newer version. This one's the 2020 edition keying page cites to the 2020 (red-covered) state study text. If you're using the blue text, please look for our 2021 edition, also on this website.] ... The Louisiana Notary Exam has a 20% pass rate. The Notary Exam has an official Study Guide you use during the exam. But the Study Guide has no index, no big picture, no study strategies, no exam-day tips, no paginated cross-references . . . and few of the forms notaries use that they test. It doesn't explain most-tested subjects, past exams, or recent changes to the Guide. It's got the law and notary rules, but it's missing essentials for any such textbook. ... This book has all that-and much more that anyone contemplating the exam should read. It even includes crucial information about notary practice for the newbie notary, and is useful to experienced notaries for its paginated cross-references, complete index, and summary lists. Basically it's the rest of the official Study Guide they somehow omitted. Why would they leave out the index, of all things? Reminder: a 20% pass rate.

As a senior law teacher and member of two state bars, the author still needed to pass the Louisiana Notary Exam to start practicing as one. It's a challenging exam for everyone, yet he found in the 'Study Guide' lots of trees but little forest-and even less real guidance. Determined that current test-takers can do better with more practical help, he wrote this book and geared the page numbers-including an index, cross-references, and illustrated explanation of successions, community property, and authentic acts-to the 2020 edition of the state's official and massive guide, Fundamentals of Louisiana Notarial Law and Practice, an edition usable even for the first test they give in 2021.

An affordable addition to the Self-Study Sherpa Series from Quid Pro Books, this book actually pays for itself many times over by its 'one weird trick' showing how to save $105 in licensing fees. Also in the series is the author's new workbook of practice exams, entitled Louisiana Notary Exam Sample Questions and Answers: Explanations Keyed to the Official Study Guide.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Steven Alan Childress is a law professor at Tulane, since 1988. He earned his JD from Harvard and a PhD from Berkeley. He clerked in Shreveport for the federal court and practiced law in California. He teaches Tulane's Louisiana Notary Law class for paralegal studies, is a practicing Louisiana notary public, and is a member of the Louisiana Notary Association. Alan coauthored Federal Standards of Review, edited three volumes on the legal profession, annotated a modern edition of Holmes' The Common Law, and, in 2020, published Louisiana Notary Exam Sample Questions and Answers.
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