Infinite Life: The Revolutionary Story of Eggs, Evolution, and Life on Earth (Hardcover)

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An expansive investigation into the most unifying and enduring structure in the history of life—and a story of biological richness at a moment when so much of our precious biodiversity hangs in the balance.

Eggs are the origins of 90 percent of the Earth’s organisms. They can be found as far apart as deep-sea volcanoes and in space. Yet despite their fundamental importance, eggs often find themselves an afterthought in the discussion of evolution of life on Earth as the interests of scientists congregate around the things that emerge from eggs rather than the eggs themselves.

In his new book Infinite Life: The Revolutionary Story of Eggs, Evolution, and Life on Earth, Jules Howard explains—with great passion, authority, expertise, and infectious enthusiasm—why it’s time to give eggs their moment in the spotlight: it is the eggs that can teach us new and surprising lessons about Earth’s history, the trials of life, and the exceptional ways in which natural selection operates to propagate the survival of individual species.

Infinite Life: The Revolutionary Story of Eggs, Evolution, and Life on Earth, offers a wholly new perspective on the animal kingdom, and, indeed, life on Earth. By examining eggs from their earliest histories to the very latest fossilized discoveries—encompassing the myriad changes and mutations of eggs from the evolution of yolk, to the hard eggshells of lost dinosaurs, to the animals that have evolved to simultaneously give birth to eggs and live young—Howard reveals untold stories of great diversity and majesty to shed light on the huge impact that egg science has on our lives.

About the Author

Jules Howard, author of Wonderdog, is a wildlife expert, zoology correspondent, science-writer, and broadcaster. He writes regularly for many publications, including the Guardian, and appears regularly on television in the United Kingdom. He is the author of several nonfiction books and lives in London. 

Praise For…

"Most animals begin as eggs, and this is their story. British science writer Howard suggests that animals are simply vehicles to produce more eggs, and then he makes an entertaining case for that proposition. Animal evolution is a snap compared to the minutia of animal physiology, but Howard has done his homework and delivers a lucid education on a central feature of life. High-quality natural history."
Kirkus Reviews

"Remarkable in both its scope and focus, Infinite Life is a scintillating, wild, and scientifically robust romp through time and space. Howard has a gift for exploring scientifically rigorous explanations through rich, exciting stories."
Heather Heying, evolutionary biologist and author of Natural Selections

"A loving ode to eggs, Infinite Life is a fascinating journey through the nested history of how living things bring about ever more life. Jules Howard skillfully balances new scientific research with visions of the past as he peels back each layer of evolutionary history." 
Riley Black, author of The Last Days of the Dinosaurs and When the Earth Was Green

"In this witty, wise, and accessible book, Jules Howard celebrates the humble egg. Breezy and conversational, Howard goes on a journey spanning billions of years, from the first bacteria to us. This is as fun and engaging as science writing gets, and by the end of the book, it’s astounding how much you’ve learned about the history of life."

Steve Brusatte, professor and paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh and New York Times bestselling author of The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs

"One of my favorite science writers."

Lucy Cooke, author of Bitch: A Revolutionary Guide to Sex, Evolution and the Female Animal

"Jules Howard’s egg’s-eye view of evolution is dripping with fascinating insights."

 Alice Roberts, author of Ancestors

"A startlingly beautiful exploration of evolution’s crucibles of creation." 

Rebecca Wragg Sykes, author of Kindred

"Mind-bending in the best possible ways. A joy to read."

Helen Scales, author of The Brilliant Abyss

"Finally, the egg gets the recognition it deserves in this wonderfully evocative telling of its journey through time and place."
Gaia Vince, author of Nomad Century and Transcendence

Praise for Jules Howard’s Wonderdog:

“Succeeds in drawing readers in and delivering reliable scientific information packaged in compelling and sometimes heart-warming anecdotes. I have no doubt that even the science-phobic among dog lovers can find Wonderdog exhilarating.”
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ISBN: 9781639367740
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Publisher: Pegasus Books
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2024
Pages: 272
Language: English