Me and My Feelings: A Kids' Guide to Understanding and Expressing Themselves (Paperback)

Me and My Feelings: A Kids' Guide to Understanding and Expressing Themselves By Vanessa Green Allen, MEd, NBCT Cover Image
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When a big feeling comes along…you can handle it! Teach kids ages 7 to 10 how to manage their feelings.

Sometimes, emotions like anger or jealousy or excitement can seem too big to keep inside. Me and My Feelings is here to teach kids that it's okay to have big feelings! They will learn how to calm down those strong emotions so they don't feel overwhelmed and can continue to take on the world.

This book gives kids the skills to stay in control—by breathing deeply, saying positive things to themselves, talking about their feelings instead of keeping them inside, and more. Help young girls and boys learn to deal with all kinds of feelings, including the hard ones like sadness, anxiety, or even fear.

Inside Me and My Feelings, you'll find:

  • TANGIBLE IDEAS THAT HELP: This book is packed with informative ways to help kids handle their feelings. They can use the exercises to see which tips, tricks, and habits work best for them.
  • QUIZZES & ACTIVITIES: Kids can get to know themselves with quizzes like "Do My Emotions Rule Me?," along with other fun exercises and activities created especially for kids ages 7-10.
  • EMPATHY FOR THE EMOTIONS OF OTHERS: When kids understand their own emotions and feelings, they can also empathize with other people's feelings—like their family and friends.

With Me and My Feelings, the next time big feelings get too big—kids will know just what to do!

About the Author

VANESSA GREEN ALLEN is a professional school counselor and the author of The No More Bullying Book for Kids. She has worked for the Wake County Public School System in North Carolina since 1991 and is a 2009 National Board-certified teacher. Vanessa is the creator and author of

Praise For…

“Kids often have a hard time expressing their feelings. Me and My Feelings is the perfect book to help them learn about feelings, emotions, and how to express them in healthy ways. The kid-friendly language, eye catching graphics, and helpful resources make this a must have for your library. I highly recommend this guide for counselors, parents, teachers, and, of course, kids!”—Dr. Natalie Spencer Gwyn, adjunct professor, therapist, and author of Mindful Practices for Helping Troubled Teens

“As a former elementary school counselor, I wish I had a book like this! This book makes it easy to teach students how to understand their emotions—both good and bad—and how to express their feelings in healthy ways. Complete with easy to follow prompts, assessments, and interactive activities, this book takes students through a journey of self-exploration which ultimately leads to a more confident sense of self. On behalf of elementary school counselors everywhere, THANK YOU!”—Kirsten Perry, K-12 school counseling specialist at Chicago public schools, president elect of the Illinois School Counselor Association, adjunct instructor for school counseling at DePaul University

Me and My Feelings is just what parents, teachers, and counselors are looking for in a world full of stress and anxiety for young children. This kid-friendly, interactive collection of lessons and activities will help children learn how to manage their emotions—and themselves.”—Amie Dean, M.Ed, NBCT, author of Your Happy Heart, How Helping Others Helps You, Too and founder

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ISBN: 9781641524964
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Publication Date: October 1st, 2019
Pages: 110
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