Love, Sometimes: A Novel About Risk, Hollywood, and Controversial Love (Hardcover)

Love, Sometimes: A Novel About Risk, Hollywood, and Controversial Love By Barbara Rose Brooker Cover Image
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A passionate, sixty-eight-year-old author single-handedly fights ageism in the Hollywood networks and risks her TV series, fame, and fortune—finding controversial true love along the way.

After publishing many books, and many failed TV opportunities, Bette Roseman finally signs a network contract for a TV series based on her novel, The Viagra Diaries, and dreams of a hit show. But when WC Network changes her protagonist’s age from sixty to twenty-something, Bette angrily confronts Network CEO Joshua Bitterman. She demands that her protagonist maintain her original age, but he insists the public “wants young.” After betrayal, intrigue, bartering with the multi-million-dollar network, the impassioned Bette finds herself in the middle of a high-stakes Hollywood legal court battle. Wanting to make deeper connection with her feelings, writing, and her two adult daughters, she begins to explore her past and her subconscious for her truths.

About the Author

Barbara Rose Brooker, MA, age activist, teacher, painter, and poet, has published eleven books of fiction and won a National Library Award for her poetry. She has appeared often on The Today Show, The Talk, ET, Andy Cohen, and Watch What Happens Live. Also a columnist, she has published Boomer in the City for the JWeekly and the Huffington Post. Currently she teaches writing at San Francisco State/OLLI, and other venues. She is the founder of, the first march in history to celebrate age pride! She believes that anyone at any age can write and publish a book. She lives in San Francisco, has two daughters, and loves dogs. She is at work on a book of short stories about aging with glamour and never giving up on dreams.

Praise For…

"This is the funniest and most honest book I have read about inside Hollywood, ageism, and love. If you want a good laugh and an education, pick this book up."
— Mo'nique, Actor

"Love, Sometimes is a scream about ageism in the Hollywood Industry and unconventional love!"
— Marissa Winokur, Actor, Award-winning singer for "Hairspray" and other musicals

"At last a writer is writing the truth about ageism, Hollywood, creativity, and true love. Love it!"
— Paula Abdul, Dancer, Choreographer, Actor

"Barbara Rose Brooker is a hoot. Love the book."
— Kathie Lee Gifford, TV host, Singer, Author, Actor

"Barbara Rose Brooker, author of The Viagra Diaries, does it again! Her latest book, Love, Sometimes, delivers the honest truth about ageism in Hollywood networks and her struggles trying to figure where she fits in until she falls in love with a fifty-one-year-old! Barbara's brutally accurate, often funny observations about still trying to matter after sixty is spot-on, thought-provoking, and honest! A great read!" 
— Cristina Ferrare, Author, TV host

"This book breaks all boundaries, speaks the truth about ageism in the networks, love and sex with a younger, bi-racial gay man. It's funny, and true and smart!"
— Miss J, TV host

"Barbara Rose Brooker delivers a wildly entertaining read exposing the hype and hypocrisy of Hollywood. Packed with juicy details, wicked observations, and a big dose of love that explores sexuality and true connection, this book will keep you gleefully turning pages late into the night."
— Mary Eileen Williams, author and host of "Feisty Side of Fifty"
Product Details
ISBN: 9781642934120
ISBN-10: 1642934127
Publisher: Post Hill Press
Publication Date: January 28th, 2020
Pages: 288
Language: English