The Money-Life Coach "Beginner": Take the 12 weeks challenge to a new financial reality (Paperback)

The Money-Life Coach
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A guide which empowers you to develop a healthy relationship with your money and build a financial plan to achieve true freedom. This book delivers both life and financial planning for everyone - especially for people who...

Are living from month to month wages with no plan?
Have no idea what money is all about and how people make it?
Are always in debt with nothing to show for it?
Are losing sleep over unpaid or bills which are too high?
Are just going through the motions, with enough to pay their bills, but don't save for retirement or anything else?
Are confused by all the financial jargon?

The Money-life Coach is the place to start gaining the control back in your life Live, learn and be prosperous

Sam Sharma is a self-taught personal finance guru aka The Money-Life Coach, who is passionate about helping and educating others. He brings his over 16 years of banking and coaching experience to deliver this guide Find
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"MLC has helped me to address my relationship with money & to make changes. I have direction, dreams and I have control..."
-Pippa, Physiotherapist

"Since working through MLC program, I have really changed my approach & attitude to my finances in a positive way, no more fear of bills but a plan to get what I want..."
-Lucy, Fashion Designer

"I've read lots of books on managing finances, but MLC delivers a personalised plan that empowers me to take control of my life..."
-Helen, Interior Designer

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ISBN: 9781644403501
ISBN-10: 1644403501
Publisher: Samsharma.Coach
Publication Date: August 5th, 2018
Pages: 166
Language: English