Grounded: A Fierce, Feminine Guide to Connecting with the Soil and Healing from the Ground Up (Hardcover)

Grounded: A Fierce, Feminine Guide to Connecting with the Soil and Healing from the Ground Up Cover Image
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Taking our food system back is an act of revolution. Restoring the feminine is an act of sacred responsibility. Returning to the cycles of nature is an act of love. Grounding into the soil is an act of hope.

The soil, the fertile ground beneath us, holds the key to the future of our planet and our species—yet few people are aware of the critical role soil health plays in reversing climate change. With Grounded, Dr. Erin Yu Juin McMorrow takes us on a journey to explore the sacred interconnectedness between our soil and ourselves, seamlessly weaving the science of our broken carbon cycle and the oppression of the divine feminine into a powerful tapestry of hope and resilience.

McMorrow is the voice of a generation that carries the future of our planet on their shoulders. “There’s no other group of people to pass this on to,” she writes. “If we want to create a world that we can keep living in, it’s time, and it’s us.” In Grounded, McMorrow guides us through the inner and outer work needed to restore the divine feminine and save our planet. Highlights include:

- The “brass tacks” of climate change—how everything from biodiversity loss to ocean acidification has roots in the killing of the microscopic life in our soil
- The fertile soil is feminine—and the destruction of our earth and the feminine go hand in hand
- Sex, birth, life, and death—how our natural cycles parallel the sacred cycles of nature
- How to create truly regenerative systems that celebrate the natural world’s infinite diversity, resilience, and abundance
- Practices to help you start making a difference right now—from personal reflections and meditations to seed saving and composting
- Finding hope in the sacred nature of this work—when we do our part, just as with all of nature, spirit fills in the rest
- Becoming grounded—root within to remember that you are of the earth, awaken your divine power, and expand in the world

Grounded is both a clarion call and a revolutionary guide for restoring the sacred cycles that sustain all life. “With every step we take toward a more regenerative and abundant future,” McMorrow writes, “we engage in the important work of saving our soil—and our souls.”

About the Author

Erin Yu-Juin McMorrow, PhD, holds a doctorate in policy, planning, and development from the University of Southern California, studied political and social thought at the University of Virginia, and served as the director of housing policy with the Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger and Homelessness. She is also a certified yoga teacher, craniosacral therapist, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. Erin is committed to guiding individuals home to themselves and to the earth through her personal coaching, healing work, and art. For more, visit

Praise For…

“There was a time in Western civilization when women were the keepers of a sacred trust: humanity’s deep connection to the natural world. They held aloft our sense of divine relationship to the earth, the waters, and the sky. With the destruction of pagan culture, the sacred power of such women all but disappeared. What they represented is reappearing now—not a moment too soon—and Erin McMorrow is a proud and worthy daughter to their ancient legacy. Ageless voices seem to be reaching across the years to speak to her, delivering an eternal passion for reconnecting all of us to the divine, to each other, and to the earth on which we live.” —Marianne Williamson, four-time #1 New York Times bestselling author

“To me, people working on ecosystem science and soil carbon are planetary rock stars in the making! Their work may be critical to people’s long-term symbiotic relationship with the earth system—and each other—in more ways than one may initially realize. Humbly, the interconnected and healing world of soil and the carbon cycle that Erin McMorrow gives new insights to couldn’t come at a more critical time.” —David Addison, Virgin Group, cofounder of the nonprofit UK Carbon Removal Centre

“McMorrow takes us along a personal journey in which her most powerful teachers—and healers—are the often-invisible aspects of nature, down to the microbes in the soil.” —Judith D. Schwartz, author of Cows Save the Planet

“This book needs to get into the hands of as many women as possible. I couldn’t put it down. It helped awaken a fire deep inside my being—a fire that inspires action, connection, and the creation of an epic future.” —Lauren Frances Tucker, board chair of Kiss the Ground and director of product development for White Buffalo Land Trust

“Intelligent, articulate, relatable, and entirely important.” —Zoë Bell, actress/director

“A divine masterpiece, one of the true voices of our generation, purpose aligned with the environment.” —Pashon Murray, founder of Detroit Dirt

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ISBN: 9781683646129
ISBN-10: 1683646126
Publisher: Sounds True
Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Pages: 200
Language: English