Spy in the House of Anaïs Nin (Paperback)

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Nin's importance as a feminist and visionary is finally revealed. Based on a new examination of long-buried letters, papers, and original manuscripts held at UCLA and found in Nin's Los Angeles home, Spy in the House of Anais Nin takes a penetrating look at Nin's incredible life and famous diary. Firmly placing Nin in her historical context as a feminist and visionary, this collection of essays lifts the lid on the origins of Nin's secrets and lies, gives voice to her husband via an unpublished letter, reveals Nin's real politics, and discloses the truth of Gore Vidal’s feelings for Nin via an unearthed love letter from Vidal to Nin. With this book, author Kim Krizan serves as the ultimate spy, conducting deep background on Anais Nin -- the notorious, rule-shattering diarist who was the self-proclaimed “spy in the house of love.”
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ISBN: 9781733992206
Publisher: Total Global Domination
Publication Date: August 1st, 2019
Pages: 204