TRUMP this: The day all immigrants left America (Paperback)

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America, the land of opportunity, the powerhouse of all countries, the one place where dreams could become true has fallen from grace. Now the land of disgrace, a home to illegal immigrants from "Sh*t hole countries". Where men could become women and women transform into men. Our allies and enemies alike laugh in our face. They want no parts of this God forsaken place. This country that publicly punish and chastise God fearing people who declare it's wrong for same sex marriage. Some in their ignorance even claim that it's a hate crime and try to compare it to racism. Law enforcement kill at will and minorities are usually the victims. Where white supremacy rules the narrative, no matter the platform. Black lives matter but doesn't all other's matter too? Can we "Make America Great Again"? A slogan used by Reagan, Clinton and now Trump. Illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers billions each year but building a wall will only cost a fraction of that. Is it wrong for them to want a part of the American dream as well? The hard truth is, if America builds the wall, crime will fall. But that's the least of our problems.
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ISBN: 9781792314704
ISBN-10: 1792314701
Publisher: VIP Ink Publishing Group, Inc. / Printhouse B
Publication Date: August 25th, 2019
Pages: 158
Language: English