Ebook Your Ticket to Freedom; How Anyone Can Write an Ebook That Sells, Earn a Passive Income, and Escape the 9-5 Forever. (Paperback)

Ebook Your Ticket to Freedom; How Anyone Can Write an Ebook That Sells, Earn a Passive Income, and Escape the 9-5 Forever. By Nicholas Woods Cover Image
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It only takes one Quality Ebook to set you on your path to financial freedom.

You can do this. In fact, anyone can. Writing is a skill just like any other. A muscle that can be developed over time. It's also a therapeutic pursuit that everyone should do, regardless of sales.

In this book, you'll learn why writing a high-quality book is among the noblest and most sustainable ways of generating online income. Forget the familiar script of getting a degree and working a 9-5 just to retire at 65. It's 2022, and there's no reason to wait... especially with thousands out there making passive income.

Thanks to platforms like Amazon KDP, you can upload a Word document for sale as an Ebook worldwide. Hardcopies are printed and sold on demand. Once the initial work is done, it's on sale for LIFE.

Yes, writing your first book may seem like a daunting task. Whether you're new to writing or a seasoned author with mediocre sales, this tried-and-tested blueprint has everything you need to take your writing skills and sales to the next level.

No BS, no fluff - just the complete A-Z of self-publishing, from a blank page to a high-quality book selling... in weeks

With 12 years' experience as a freelance writer and digital marketer, I have ghostwritten and produced several successful books and articles under pseudo names. I've also written years' worth of marketing emails. Having experienced all the ups and downs of a writer, I'm proud to say that I've successfully managed to create passive income.

Now I can live and work wherever I choose. I've decided to step out and share my blueprint so you can do the same.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How ANYONE can learn to write a high-quality, profitable book
  • Detailed steps on the actual WRITING PROCESS (that other books gloss over)
  • How 1-2 books could create 12 + streams of passive income
  • Writing exercises to improve your creativity and writing skills
  • How to outsource much of the grunt work (and writing if you choose)
  • The best marketing strategies in 2022 to get your book in front of thousands
  • The art of COPYWRITING and how it can multiply your sales
  • PLUS dozens more insightful tips on all things WRITING and SELLING

Just remember that it's never too late. Everyone has a book in them, and there's someone out there who wants to read it. And while most ways to earn money online are temporary, writing a book is for life.

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ISBN: 9781916654068
ISBN-10: 1916654061
Publisher: Entrepreneurship
Publication Date: September 17th, 2022
Pages: 190
Language: English