Purposetivity: The Feminine Face of Productivity for Time, Team & Tech (Paperback)

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Having a hard time adapting to those "proven systems" for productivity? If you're a right-brain or heart-centered entrepreneur, it may not be your fault Those systems were developed during the Industrial Revolution to make people produce - like robots. Consistent, predictable, controllable. None of which describe your heart of hearts Since you're not looking to grind out the same widget day after day, let's completely shift your relationship with time. Rather than see time as the enemy that limits us in its linear existence, recognize that for the creative, time is the inner experience of our moment to moment quality of flow, the medium for our journey and contribution. Purposetivity gives you a whole new paradigm to align your activities and plans with your highest truth. Purposetivity is a set of perspectives to look at and align your soul's intention, heart's desire, head's plans, and hands' work. When every action you take is sourced in something deeper and every tool you use supports your unique expression, you're free to succeed on your own terms EnJOY the Journey.

About the Author

Karen Fritz is fiercely committed to guiding business women feeling the growing pains of success to be a helluva lot more than "productive." Having "graduated" from corporate management decades ago, Karen has already learned what it takes to run successful entrepreneurial ventures smoothly while being requested to teach on five continents. With diverse backgrounds in tech and psych, business and ancient wisdom, she "gets" what you're building, and the most elegant way to get there, so YOU can succeed on your own terms. With humor and wisdom, Karen teaches you to open communication between the soul's intention, the heart's desire, and the head's plan, streamline processes and tools that integrate your professional-personal lifestyle, and flourish financially while evolving personally.
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ISBN: 9781944177522
ISBN-10: 1944177523
Publisher: Crescendo Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: August 15th, 2016
Pages: 238
Language: English