Borrowed Words (Paperback)

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Like a farmer rotating his crops, Peter Wortsman periodically ploughs words back into the mulch of meaning. Romanian migr DADA poet Tristran Tzara (aka Samuel Rosenstock, 1896-1963) gave it a name: cut-up (or "d coup " in French). Wortsman reverts to cutups when he's too distracted, depressed, dumbfounded or deranged to write in the regular manner. As the isolation of virtual lockdown during the seemingly interminable Covid-19 pandemic stretches into its third year, Wortsman, a modern-day monk, languishes in the solitude of his cell, longing for meaningful communion. Absent belief in a transcendent being, cutups take the place of prayer.

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ISBN: 9781947240575
ISBN-10: 1947240579
Publisher: Bamboo Dart Press
Publication Date: October 5th, 2022
Pages: 64
Language: English