Mommy Says I'm Beautiful (Hardcover)

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As adults, we understand that what we see on our smartphones is a facade. Those photos are retouched, that fashion spread is edited, and reality TV does not necessarily portray reality. Unfortunately, many young females joining the online community don't understand this truth. They begin to base their own self-worth by what appears in their news feeds. Parents worry about what their daughters will experience once they start seeing unrealistic images online, in print, and on TV. The pressure to be perfect, thin, and beautiful may be too much for their young and sensitive souls to bear.
Mommy Says I'm Beautiful is an educational children's book that teaches young girls (ages 5+) that the digital world they are about to enter doesn’t always depict reality. The book comes in 4 different versions so all girls will find one that they can relate to.
Children begin absorbing information at a very young age. What they are taught, what they see and what they hear become embedded in their developing minds and affect how they think in their teens and even into adulthood. Teaching them to love themselves and enlightening them to the truth about social media and cyberspace are essential during this pivotal time.
No one is perfect and they are beautiful just the way they are!
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ISBN: 9781974401819
Publisher: Lisa Britton
Publication Date: November 30th, 0002