Ozone: A New Medical Drug (Hardcover)

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INTRODUCTION CHAPTER 1 PHYSICAL-CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF OZONE. NATURAL PRODUCTION OF OZONE. THE TOXICOLOGY OF OZONE CHAPTER 2 HOW OZONE IS GENERATED AND ITS CONCENTRATIONS MEASURED? CHAPTER 3 PREPARATION OF OZONATED WATER AND OIL FOR THE TOPICAL THERAPY. OZONE AS A DRINKING WATER DISINFECTANT. OZONE DISINFECTION TO PREVENT NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS CHAPTER 4 HOW DOES OZONE ACT? HOW AND WHY CAN WE AVOID OZONE TOXICITY? CHAPTER 5 HOW IS OZONE ADMINISTERED? CHAPTER 6 THE ACTUAL SIX THERAPEUTIC MODALITIES 1. Major ozone autohaemotherapy (AHT) 2. Minor ozone autohaemotherapy 3. The biooxidative therapy with hydrogen peroxide dissolved in the glucose solution. The continuous search of an efficacious blood's substitute. 4. Rectal insufflation of oxygen-ozone (RI) 5. Quasi-total body exposure to oxygen-ozone (BOEX) 6. Extracorporeal blood circulation against oxygen-ozone (EBOO) CHAPTER 7 THE POTENTIAL TOXICITY OF OZONE. SIDE EFFECTS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS OF OZONE THERAPY CHAPTER 8 IS OZONE REALLY A "WONDER DRUG"? CHAPTER 9 THE CLINICAL APPLICATION OF OZONE THERAPY 1. Infectious diseases (bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic) 1.1 Viral infections 1.1.1 HIV-1 infection 1.1.2 Chronic Hepatitis B and C 1.1.3 Herpetic infections and Herpes Zoster 1.1.4 Papillomavirus Infections (HPV) 1.1.5 The common cold 2. Ischaemic diseases (hind-limb ischaemia, cerebral and heart ischaemia, venous stasis) 3. Retinal degenerative disorders 4. Neurodegenerative diseases 5. Autoimmune diseases. Can ozone-therapy do better than antibodies to TNF alpha? 6. Ozone therapy in cancer 7. The dysmetabolic syndrome and ozonetherapy 8. Is any haematological disease treatable with ozone therapy? 9. Can ozone therapy slow down the progression of oxidative stress in renal diseases and haemodialysis? 10. Dermatological diseases and ozone therapy 11. Ozone therapy in pulmonary diseases 12. The problems of tinnitus and sudden hearing loss (SHL). Is ozone therapy of any help? 13. The paradoxical effect of ozone in orthopaedic diseases. The problem of back- ache 14. A therapeutic option for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia 15. Ozone therapy in emergency situations, before transplantation and elective surgery 16. Ozonetherapy in dentistry and stomatology 17. Ozonetherapy in cosmetology 18 May ozone represent the elixir of life? CHAPTER 10 THE DILEMMA BETWEEN HYPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY (HOT) AND OZONE THERAPY CHAPTER 11 THE PROMISING FUTURE OF OZONE THERAPY IN MEDICINE.
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