Applied Analog Electronics: A First Course in Electronics (Paperback)

Applied Analog Electronics: A First Course in Electronics By Kevin Karplus Cover Image


This textbook is for a first course on electronics. It assumes no prior electronics experience, but does assume that students have had calculus 1 (single-variable differential calculus) and high-school physics.A key idea of the course is that students need a lot of design experience and hands-on work, rather than a lot of theory. The course is centered around the labs, which are a mix of design labs and measurement/modeling labs.This unique volume takes students from knowing no electronics to being able to design and build amplifier and filter circuits for connecting sensors to microcontrollers within 20 weeks. Students design a digital thermometer, a blood-pressure meter, an optical pulse monitor, an EKG, an audio preamplifier, and a class-D power amplifier. They also learn how to measure and characterize components, including impedance spectroscopy of a loudspeaker and of electrochemical electrodes.Related Link(s)
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ISBN: 9789811254963
ISBN-10: 9811254966
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 21st, 2023
Pages: 616
Language: English