Reiki For Beginners: The Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock Reiki Self-Healing and Aura Cleansing Secrets for Deep Healing, Peace of Mind, and Sp (Paperback)

Reiki For Beginners: The Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock Reiki Self-Healing and Aura Cleansing Secrets for Deep Healing, Peace of Mind, and Sp By Rohit Sahu Cover Image
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Have you always been curious about Reiki? Do you want to witness Reiki in action? Or have you already started your Reiki practice, but are looking for additional info? If that's the case, this book is jam-packed with the knowledge that will offer you all you need to know about Reiki and enjoy the benefits of this wonderful practice in your life.

With all the business and technology in our life these days, it is quite easy to have blocked energy. We may be upset about something, neglect our relationships, and do numerous other things. All of this may lead to a variety of physical illnesses and other issues that will not allow us to live a healthy or happy life. We may open up our energy and enable it to flow freely through the body using Reiki.

This beginner's guide aims to educate you on how to soothe your mind, body, and soul. You'll be able to ignite your energy and find a strong route to self-attunement and beyond You will also develop greater intuition and clarity, bringing you closer to your inner and spiritual vigor.

This handbook discusses Reiki and how beneficial it may be. Reiki is all around us, and everyone may benefit from its warm, loving energy to help with balance and healing. Because the corpus of information on this topic is so vast, I attempted to condense hundreds of lessons and readings into one easy-to-read book. This book will get you started with Reiki, from the Reiki Symbolism and hand postures to a comprehensive explanation of the various Reiki Techniques.

It will show how Reiki is an excellent method for moving and healing the energy within our chakras. You will also have the skills to alter the lives of others if you learn it, and there is nothing more beautiful than compassionate love and healing.

Consider this book to be your insightful Reiki teacher, leading you along your Reiki path to nurture healing. This complete guide includes simple and inclusive training that is comprehensible and accessible to everyone, as well as instructive pictures and guidance that make this book ideal for Reiki students of any age or background.

With This Book, You Can Learn:
  • What Exactly is Reiki?
  • Basics, History, and Principles of Reiki
  • The Energy Centers (Chakras), Their Functioning, and Imbalances
  • The Fundamentals and Knowhow of Kundalini
  • The Meridians in Your Body; How They Interconnect and Affect Us
  • Methods for Resolving Symptoms of Obstructed Energy in Your Mind and Body
  • Reiki's Foundational Pillars
  • The Reiki Advantages
  • Reiki Hand Postures
  • Step-by-Step Reiki Healing
  • Healing Others
  • Reiki Symbols that have Powerful Healing Forces with Them
  • How Reiki May Significantly Improve Your Health?
  • Aura Cleanse and How to Perform An Aura Scan to Feel the Energy in Your Body
  • The Amazing Properties of Crystals and How They Can Boost Your Reiki Practice
  • Tips to Boost Your Reiki Growth
  • Reiki's Most Common FAQs and Myths

Thus, if you are ready to cleanse your energy and experience the happiness and good health that you have been seeking without the use of physicians and medicine, be sure to read this book and learn all you need to get started with Reiki Don't worry if you're not sure where to begin with spiritual healing; this book will guide you through the recovery process step-by-step, at your own pace More significantly, you will learn how to cleanse your aura and release negativity to promote the universal life force inside your body.

So, go ahead and grab this ultimate guide to healing yourself and others on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
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ISBN: 9798215367599
Publisher: Rohit Sahu
Publication Date: November 9th, 2021
Pages: 154
Language: English