Improved Home Improvement: A Guide to Using Strategy and Mindset to Avoid the Most Costly Renovation Mistakes (Paperback)

Improved Home Improvement: A Guide to Using Strategy and Mindset to Avoid the Most Costly Renovation Mistakes By Benjamin Loughrin Cover Image
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If you're considering taking on a DIY home improvement project you'll want to read this book first. 30 years of construction and renovation experience neatly packaged into a fun & easy read that will save you time, money, countless headaches, & disappointment. What to do, what not to do, and how to do it. Prioritize, plan, and execute your project without making rookie mistakes. It's a leg up for anyone with limited or no experience. You'll learn the basics and beyond to put your best foot forward with the confidence you'll need to start, and more importantly, to finish. There's a mindset you can learn that will set your head space straight so you're not worrying about things you don't need to so you can focus on the parts of the project that will require your full attention.
Avoid the stress and heartache that goes along with being inexperienced by starting with a basic well rounded education that will guide your home improvement journey to produce professional results. Normally it takes years of splinters and smashed fingers to acquire this level of knowledge. Read this book and skip that part. Start your project with knowledge of how to get the moving pieces to fit so you can enjoy the results, instead of dealing with the discomfort and embarrassment of living with a half finished botched remodel for years.
If you're improving your own home, turning over a rental or a flip, prepping an AirBnb, or renovating a legacy home; start here to save on everything by avoiding the surprises only pros know about. Renovations are not cheap, but this book is. Reading it before you start is guaranteed to save you a bundle, and not just money either. Time, frustration, stress, and heartache is what you should be looking to save the most of, and reading this book will do that. It's a confidence builder, a hard fought education, and a mindset boost all in one. It's the perfect gift for anyone you might know who's taking on home improvement projects and delivers incredible value in terms of money saved and time and stress.
Want to remodel your house? Step one: read this book. The money and time you save will outlast the time it takes to read by many multiples. It's a skill builder for anyone taking on a DIY project or interested in becoming involved in the business. It's required reading for any applicant to a construction business. You'll learn the jargon, the techniques, and the methods by which the pros achieve professional results.
Do you friends and family a favor and gift them the most valuable thing they'll need to make their construction goals come true: knowledge, experience, and the confidence to get it all done. Know someone with a stalled project that leaves part of their house a disaster zone? There's not a better gift you could give that could get them back on track so they can start enjoying their renovated space instead of tolerating the disaster they've created.
Home improvement is a spiritual journey and a source of pride when done correctly. Let the author's experience in the building trades give you a head start so that you're not dealing with embarrassing failures instead of enjoying the pride and self satisfaction of a quality job done well.
Buy the book and take the time to read it. Only then will you know what you need to do & how to do it. Thousands of dollars will be spent on your project, spend a couple of buck now to ensure and insure that you won't be spending thousands on costly mistakes. Save your sanity and get started with the confidence you'll need finish under budget and on time, anything else would seem imprudent.
It's the smart person's approach to first learn a general education about all the processes that go into a remodel, & their couldn't be an easier way to do it. It's a short and fun read that will keep your magazine full of construction jokes and humor, while making you confidently prepared to show the leadership skills you'll need to finish.
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ISBN: 9798321934449
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Publication Date: April 4th, 2024
Pages: 232
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