Filament City (Paperback)

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Filament City looks at the conflicts that arise from an overabundance of comfort. It is a book that asks to what extent does struggle make us human? As our technology advances, what do we lose in the process, and how might the iconoclasts among us attempt to bring us back to truer versions of ourselves? Set far into the future, the story dives into a world where scarcity has been eliminated through the automation of all labor by a Master Artificial Intelligence. People dwell pampered in vast cities, dining on synthetic food and spending their days surfing virtual reality worlds. They consume cocktails of drugs to take the edge off any time it feels like something might be missing.

Born as just another soul within Filament City 905, Leo was raised to view things differently. He discovers an old trove of books hidden under the city and begins to conceive of what humans used to be when strife and ambition reigned. Armed with forgotten knowledge about creativity and art, he hatches a plan to find and develop artists in hopes of inspiring people and machines alike out of their collective malaise. However, he must contend with the flaws inherent in the AI as well as the darker human tendencies brought on by lifetimes of decadence and apathy. At its heart, Filament City tells the story of one man’s search to reconcile all people with modern life.
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ISBN: 9798886807691
Publisher: ISBN Services
Publication Date: April 18th, 2022
Pages: 326