More Adventures of EMMA (Paperback)

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This is a cheerful, heartwarming story about a rescued dog named Emma and her new family. Emma's story will be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. As the title of the book More Adventures of Emma implies, this is the sequel of The Adventures of Emma which was suggested - even requested - by some people who gave that book five stars in their reviews.

Emma is an average-size dog who lives with William; his wife Molly; their two dogs, Beauregard, a larger-than-average Newfoundland dog; and Kasey, a giant malamute husky; and Socks, a cat Emma found as an abandoned kitten during one of her many adventures.

Despite living happily in William's household after she and William found each other, Emma

has a tendency to leave the fenced-in yard and go on adventures. Although they sometimes

appear inconsequential, there is either something of interest that happens during her outings or as

a result of them. Who is it that occupies an apparent abandoned log cabin in the woods? How do

townspeople know it was Emma who encountered the Governor's security detail? What happens

that makes William put a tracking device on Emma's collar?

It is not just Emma who has adventures. On a trip to town, Molly and Kasey meet Allison

Stillman, a former Customs agent. Allison recognizes Kasey as a dog she once knew as Tobey.

Allison agrees to help train Tobey since he has not been very cooperative while being called

Kasey. With Tobey, expect the unexpected - especially when a command is unintentionally given

to him, or when he is responding to his former training.

The story is unique because it is told by Emma herself. She tells of her own experiences and those of people she meets by relating their overheard conversations. Once you are introduced to the characters, you will find you are gently drawn deeper into Emma's story.

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ISBN: 9798890610706
Publisher: Newman Springs
Publication Date: October 26th, 2023
Pages: 116
Language: English