Consignment at Book Soup

Consignment Thank you for your interest in our Consignment Program!
In an effort to help authors reach more readers, and to broaden our selection beyond traditional publishing channels, Book Soup offers a two-tiered program: 

RUBY - $40
• Five copies of your book will be stocked in its section on the Book Soup sales floor for 90 days.
• More copies may be brought in as deemed necessary by the Book Soup Consignment Coordinator.
• Consignment period can be extended by mutual agreement between Book Soup and author.
Please Note: It may take 3-4 weeks to process your consignment.

DIAMOND - $100
• Everything in Ruby PLUS:
• Book will be featured in one of Book Soup’s weekly email updates.
• Book will be available for purchase on Book Soup’s website, and also listed on the Local Authors page for at least one month.
Please note it may take 4-6 weeks to be featured  in the email update and on our website.

• Book Soup is proud to carry consignment books as part of our inventory. As such, we hold consignment books to the same high standards as the rest of our inventory. All consignment titles must be bound with legible titles on the spines. They must also be proofread and typo-free.

• We’ve been selling books since 1975, but publishing them isn’t our strong suit. We don’t offer any editorial or promotional services, not do we review manuscripts or offer advice on printing. If you’re looking for specific information on writing or publishing a book, check out our great selection of books on writing, or The Writer’s Market.

• Processing and promoting consignment titles requires a fair amount of administrative work. Our fees offset these expenses and allow us to stock and promote hundreds of titles from local authors every year.

General Policy

  • Book Soup pays 55% for consignments sold.
  • Book Soup will initially take five copies of each title.
  • Books will be stocked for a three-month period.
  • During that time, Book Soup may contact the consignor to request additional copies, and/or to pay the consignor for items sold.
  • At the end of the consignment period, Book Soup will send any unsold books, along with payment accrued from book sales, to a domestic address that the consignor provides.
  • Book Soup will only pay for items that were sold. Damaged or stolen items are the sole financial responsibility of the consignor.
  • Diamond consignors must provide five copies of their book, a review and/or description of the book in approximately 50 words, and a .jpg image of the book cover (emailed to our consignment supervisor at Your book will not appear on our web site until we receive all of this information.
  • All consignment titles are removed from the sales floor for two weeks at the end of April for store inventory. All consignment agreements are temporarily on hold during that time and consignment periods will be extended accordingly.
  • All event requests are handled separately and should be emailed directly to Jennifer Ramos at Please note that we are not booking events for consignment titles at this time. 

Questions? Email us at
Download the Consignment Program Agreement below.