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  1. “They stood side by side in the surf with the wind blowing their hair, just two guys on Sunset Cove feeling the sand slip away under their feet, watching the sun fall from the sky.”

    Spring – 1974. After inheriting his grandmother’s beach house in the laid-back artists' colony of Sunset Cove, 28-year-old Alex Morgan has lived there alone. Intent on making his name as an artist, he planned to spend his days on the South Californian coast painting. But two barefoot summers of white sand and turquoise waves cloistered by rocky cliffs later, he's spending more time working as a lifeguard and taking odd jobs to buy art materials and patch up the rundown cottage than painting. Losing faith in his talent, he wonders if another summer will slip by in a haze of martinis, surfing, and sexual frustration.

    All that changes, however, when on his daily jog along the surf he spots a young guy climbing the cove's crumbling cliffs. Fearing the guy missed seeing the 'DANGER' sign or, worse, is venturing to the summit with a darker intent, Alex's lifeguard instinct kicks in. Barefoot, he goes in pursuit of a stranger in peril.

    The beautiful man Alex finds on the cliff’s edge is Rick Stradman, son of a Hollywood movie producer, who despite his privileged background carries his own burden of insecurities and loneliness. And after Rick inveigles his way into his beach house, and then his bed, Rick's alluring presence restores Alex’s self-belief and releases his repressed homosexuality in a sensual summer of self-discovery.

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ISBN-13: 1230003172513
Publisher: Pereshurst Press
Publication Date: December 24th, 2018