Cyber Wargaming (Kobo eBook)

Cyber Wargaming By Frank L. Smith III, Nina A. Kollars, Benjamin H. Schechter, Benjamin H. Schechter, Frank L. Smith III, Nina A. Kollars, Andrew W. Reddie, Ruby E. Booth, Bethany L. Goldblum, Kiran Lakkaraju, Jason C. Reinhardt, Jacquelyn Schneider, Rachael Shaffer, David Banks, Benjamin M. Jensen, Chris Dougherty, Ed McGrady, Paul S. Schmitt, Catherine K. Lea, Jeremy Sepinsky, Justin Peachey, Steven Karppi, Andreas Haggman, Safa Shahwan Edwards, Matthew Duncan, Maxim Kovalsky, Luis Carvajal-Kim, Chris C. Demchak, David H. Johnson, Benjamin Leitzel, Hyong Lee, James DeMuth Cover Image
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A first-of-its-kind theoretical overview and practical guide to wargame design

Government, industry, and academia need better tools to explore threats, opportunities, and human interactions in cyberspace. The interactive exercises called cyber wargames are a powerful way to solve complex problems in a digital environment that involves both cooperation and conflict. Cyber Wargaming is the first book to provide both the theories and practical examples needed to successfully build, play, and learn from these interactive exercises.

The contributors to this book explain what cyber wargames are, how they work, and why they offer insights that other methods cannot match. The lessons learned are not merely artifacts of these games—they also shed light on how people interpret and interact with cyberspace in real life. This book covers topics such as cyber action during conventional war, information effects in conflict scenarios, individual versus group decision-making, the intersection of cyber conflicts and nuclear crises, business resilience, emerging technologies, and more.

Cyber Wargaming will be a vital resource for readers interested in security studies and wargame design in higher education, the military, and the private sector.

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ISBN-13: 9781647123963
Publisher: Georgetown University Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2024