Book Soup presents Krista Tippett, in conversation with Diane Winston, discussing and signing Becoming Wise: An Inquiry Into the Mystery and Art of Living, at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple

I’m a person who listens for a living. I listen for wisdom, and beauty, and for voices not shouting to be heard. This book chronicles some of what I’ve learned in what has become a conversation across time and generations, across disciplines and denominations.

In Becoming Wise, Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and National Humanities Medalist Krista Tippett distills the insights she has gleaned from this luminous conversation in its many dimensions into a coherent narrative journey, over time and from mind to mind. The book is a master class in living, curated by Tippett and accompanied by a delightfully ecumenical dream team of teaching faculty.  The open questions and challenges of our time are intimate and civilizational all at once, Tippett says definitions of when life begins and when death happens, of the meaning of community and family and identity, of our relationships to technology and through technology. The wisdom we seek emerges through the raw materials of the everyday. And the enduring question of what it means to be human has now become inextricable from the question of who we are to each other.

This book offers a grounded and fiercely hopeful vision of humanity for this century of personal growth but also renewed public life and human spiritual evolution. It insists on the possibility of a common life for this century marked by resilience and redemption, with beauty as a core moral value and civility and love as muscular practice. Krista Tippett's great gift, in her work and in Becoming Wise, is to avoid reductive simplifications but still find the golden threads that weave people and ideas together into a shimmering braid.  One powerful common denominator of the lessons imparted to Tippett is the gift of presence, of the exhilaration of engagement with life for its own sake, not as a means to an end. But presence does not mean passivity or acceptance of the status quo. Indeed Tippett and her teachers are people whose work meets, and often drives, powerful forces of change alive in the world today. In the end, perhaps the greatest blessing conveyed by the lessons of spiritual genius Tippett harvests in Becoming Wise is the strength to meet the world where it really is, and then to make it better. (Penguin Books)

Joining Krista Tippett in conversation will be Diane Winston, an Associate Professor and Knight Center Chair in Media & Religion at USC.
Tickets for this event are $29.00 (+tax) and are now available on Event Brite. One ticket will include a copy of Becoming Wise, which will be handed out at the event. This event will take place at Piness Auditorium at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, 3663 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles 90010. If there are any questions please call Book Soup at (310) 659-3110 or visit


Event date: 
Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 7:30pm
Event address: 
Piness Auditorium at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple
3663 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010