Spotify presents an evening with audiochuck Founder Ashley Flowers and Parcast Founder Max Cutler discussing CULTS and all things True Crime

Join Ashley Flowers and Max Cutler for an evening to remember at Spotify’s Los Angeles headquarters or virtually via Spotify Live for a discussion, Q+A and meet and greet to celebrate Parcast’s first book, CULTS and discussing their journey in podcasting and all things true crime. Parcast founder Max Cutler will be matching all ticket sales up to $125,000 in a donation to Season of Justice to help advance the nonprofit’s mission in providing financial resources to help solve cold cases and support families impacted by unsolved violent crimes. All attendees will get a signed copy of the book and a night they won’t forget.

Cults prey on the very attributes that make us human: our desire to belong; to find a deeper meaning in life; to live everyday with divine purpose. The premier storytelling podcast studio Parcast has been focusing on unearthing these mechanics--the cult leaders and followers, and the world and culture that gave birth to both. Parcast's work in analyzing dozens of case studies has revealed patterns: distinct ways that cult leaders from different generations resemble one another. What links the ten notorious figures profiled in Cults are as disturbing as they are stunning--from Manson to Applewhite, Koresh to Raël, the stories woven here are both spellbinding and disturbing.

CULTS is more than just a compilation of grisly biographies, however. Based off of the hit eponymous podcast, Parcast's founder Max Cutler and national bestselling author Kevin Conley dive even deeper to look closely at the lives of some of the most disreputable cult figures and tell the stories of their rise to power and fall from grace, sanity, and decency. Beyond that, it is a study of humanity, an unflinching look at what happens when the most vulnerable recesses of the mind are manipulated and how the things we hold most sacred can be twisted into the lowest form of malevolence. (Gallery Books)


Max Cutler created and founded Parcast in 2016, which went on to launch some of the most popular and highly-ranked weekly podcasts, specializing in popular genres like mystery, true crime, pop culture, wellness, and history. After three years of exponential growth, Spotify acquired Parcast in 2019. Featured on Fortune’s 40 Under 40, Forbes 30 Under 30 and The Hollywood Reporter’s 35 Rising Executives Under 35 lists, Cutler recently named Head of Creator Content & Partnerships at Spotify and continues to revolutionize the podcast space.

Ashley Flowers is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of audiochuck, the award-winning, independent media and podcast production company known for its standout content and storytelling across different genres, including true crime, fiction, comedy, and more. As CEO, she works with her team to create an overarching content strategy and vision for the network of shows and company growth. She also hosts several audiochuck shows, including top-rated podcasts like Crime Junkie, Red Ball, Full Body Chills, and The Deck. Ashley was born and raised in Indiana, where she continues to live with her husband, daughter, and their beloved dog, Chuck. She received a Bachelor of Science in Biological Services from Arizona State University.

This ticketed event will take place at the Spotify offices located at 555 Mateo Street, Los Angeles and will also be live streamed.

In-person event ticket: This ticket includes one entry & one hardcover copy of Cults, which will be handed out at check-in.

Virtual event access + book (domestic shipping) or (international shipping): This event ticket includes a hardcover copy of Cults, as well as online access to the event for your household. Your book will be mailed to you after the event. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery for domestic media mailing and 4-5 weeks for international mailing. You will receive the event link to attend in an Eventbrite email closer to the event.

This ticketed event is presented by Spotify, in partnership with Book Soup.

Event date: 
Wednesday, July 13, 2022 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
555 Mateo Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
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