Zoe Wiseman discusses SUNKISSED 85

Zoe Wiseman

SUNKISSED 85 is a collection of Zoe Wiseman's photographs from 2001 to 2022. Zoe created the images in this book using discontinued Polaroid Type 85 film. This medium-format Polaroid film stock makes both a positive and negative print when peeled apart after exposure.
To create these images, Zoe uses extended techniques like solarization, where the film is peeled apart and exposed to sunlight before fully developing. This technique can create an otherworldly metallic sheen, dark shadows, and areas of unusual contrast.
The book's title, SUNKISSED 85, is drawn from her technique of "sun-kissing" the film with natural light, and the "85" refers to the Polaroid Type 85 film, which she used to create the images.
The settings for the photographs in this book range from the Western US, California to Arizona, and to the Daintree rainforest in Australia, from landscapes to modern architecture and stark studio spaces.

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