Pre Order The Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio by Hayley LeBlanc

The first book in an exciting new middle grade mystery series from actress, artist, and YouTube star Hayley LeBlanc!  

In Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio, when Hayley is cast as the lead in a Nancy Drew like kids TV show, strange things start happening around the studio and she becomes a real-life sleuth. Hayley needs YOU to help her solve a terrifying ghost mystery in this fun-filled, action-packed story. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to be an actress IRL!

About the book:

When Hayley LeBlanc is cast as the lead of a new Nancy Drew-like TV show, she's so excited...even if there are rumors of hauntings surrounding the Silver Screen Studios. It's LA, she thinks—there are ghost stories everywhere!
But to her surprise, strange things actually start happening as production ramps up. Lights flicker, cold blasts of air come out of nowhere, and one day the electricity is cut to the studio entirely with no clear cause. Can Hayley and her two best friends solve the mystery of the haunted studio...before it means curtains for their show?

Author Bio:

HAYLEY LEBLANC is a 13-year-old actress and artist based in Los Angeles, CA with 5.2 million followers across Instagram and YouTube. She currently stars as Harmony on the Brat TV series, "Chicken Girls." In her personal life, she loves watching horror and mystery films, listening to new music, and her lovable dogs.

Giving Program with Literally Healing

Hayley LeBlanc is partnering with Literally Healing, an innovative reading program that gifts families at Children’s Hospital LA more than 65,000 books annually, on a donation program that will gift copies of Hayley Mysteries: The Haunted Studio. Proceeds to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. To learn more about Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, visit

Customers have the following options for participating in this giving program:

  • Purchase 1 Book + Donate 1 Book = Hayley LeBlanc Signed Copy (signature ONLY)
  • Purchase 1 Book + Donate 2 Books = Hayley LeBlanc Signed Copy + Custom Journal
  • Purchase 1 Book + Donate 5 Books = Hayley LeBlanc Signed Copy + Custom Journal + :10 Video Thank You
  • Purchase 1 Book + Donate 10 Books = Hayley LeBlanc Signed Copy + Custom Journal + :10 Video Thank You + Exclusive 15m Virtual Meet & Greet with Hayley LeBlanc!


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