GREAT: 12 months (6 deliveries)

Ever wish you could take Book Soup home with you? Pack up the labyrinth of rolling ladders and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, the signed books you'd never find anywhere else, the two gold dogs guarding over it all, even the rockstar shopping in that dark corner behind the photography section? Well now, no matter where you are, you can (kind of.) 

GREAT and INFAMOUS delivers the thrill of finding this rare, creative mecca nestled amid the chaos of the Sunset Strip, directly to your doorstop. Available in two levels for those who want something great and those that want something a little more infamous...

Brings the Book Soup flavor to you (or a friend). Two excellent titles, hand-picked by our expert booksellers and delivered to your mailbox in a stylish package every other month. 
You choose the duration: 1 month (1 delivery) $40.00; 6 months (3 deliveries) $120.00; 12 months (6 deliveries) $240.00

Price: $240.00