Ways to Support Book Soup

We’ve been humbled and inspired by your tireless support during this difficult time! It’s like nothing we’ve seen in our 45 years in West Hollywood, and we appreciate it immensely. Every transaction, every kind word, every heartfelt gesture — they literally and figuratively keep us going! 

In addition to shopping online or making an appointment for in-store shopping, here are some other ways you can support Book Soup:

Buy a Book Soup Gift Card
Gift cards make great gifts, but they also act as microloans to small businesses. Buy now, shop later, help your favorite bookstore!

Make a Donation to Book Soup
We ain't too proud to beg! I mean, we're not begging, per se, but we'll definitely take your money.

Buy Audiobooks and eBooks from our Partners
We receive a portion of audiobook sales from Libro.fm, (which is like a better version of Audible, FYI) and ebook sales from MyMustRead. (Please uses these links to ensure we get our cut!)

Develop a Safe and Effective COVID Vaccine
All the other stuff will help, but if you could just develop and deseminate a vaccine, that'd really be a big help. Thanks in advance!


Got other ideas on how to help. Drop us a line at info@booksoup.com We're all ears!